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Alabama Accident Lawyer

People are always on the go; driving, walking or cycling to the many places our busy lives takes us. We work, shop even play. With all the activities we engage in there is a possibility that we can be involved in an accident. On every twist and turn of our days there is potential danger. We can be involved in a wide variety of accidents that could cause personal injury. Drivers can get into accidents, shoppers can slip and fall, workers can hurt themselves and dogs sometimes bite; the possibility of injury lurks everywhere. Everyone has accidents but sometimes an accident is the result of another’s negligence.

Another person’s negligence can at times cause an individual to suffer an injury. Some injuries are minor with little interruption to life. There are times when the injury disrupts every aspect of the injured’s life. Should the carelessness of a person cause another serious personal injury and devastate lives the law is set up to protect the injured. A person injured in an accident can accumulate debt and lose wages due to no fault of their own. Accident victims deserve compensation for their distress. The civil courts of our justice system are in place to protect accident victim’s rights.

Civil courts are designed to determine if the victim deserves compensation. A case must be presented before a civil court judge with the aid of a lawyer. Most civil cases are heard in state court which imposes a time limit on when suits can be filed; this is called the statute of limitations. In the state of Alabama an accident victim, the plaintiff has 2 years to file a complaint with the court if personally injured and 6 years if damage to property has occurred. If the accident has occurred due to malpractice the suit must be filed within two years. When a faulty product is to blame the plaintiff has two years to file with the court.

After the proper papers have been filed a court date will be appointed to determine the feasibility of the case. Should a judge feel the case is legitimate a future court date will be assigned. The lawyers for the plaintiff, the victim, and the accused, the defendant, will be given time to prepare their cases. Because some defendants realize fault they can agree to settle the case before going to court. Numerous civil cases are settled before the appointed court date if both parties agree to the terms. When the cases cannot be settled out of court a judge or jury will determine the due compensation.

When people are harmed by the negligence of others they need a person to stand by them in court. While in court an Alabama Accident Lawyer is there to speak for you. Dealing with personal injuries or destruction to property is extremely distressing especially when the damage is someone else’s fault. Getting through the many legal problems that arise can be alleviated with the representation of an Alabama Accident Lawyer. Your case can only benefit with the aid of an Alabama Accident Lawyer.

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