Texas Woman Cleared of Fatal Accident Now Tied to GM Recall

Accident Attorneys 300x200 Texas Woman Cleared of Fatal Accident Now Tied to GM Recall Corpus Christi, TX- A Texas woman accused of causing a fatal accident that killed her boyfriend has been cleared of charges after General Motors admitted the airbag in her Saturn didn’t deploy because of a faulty ignition switch.

In 2004, Candice Anderson was driving her Saturn Ion along a rural road in East Texas when she lost control and slammed into a band of trees. She stuck the trees head-on and neither driver’s side nor passenger side airbags deployed. Anderson’s boyfriend Gene Mikale Erickson was killed, and she suffered serious injuries, according to USA Today.

After the accident, Anderson, then 21, pleaded to negligent homicide and served 260 days of community service, five years of probation, went to counseling and paid a $2,500 fine.

Anderson says that the ramifications of her conviction prevented her from becoming a certified nurse’s aide, the career she chose for herself.

“I applied and was denied positions at numerous jobs due to my criminal record. … This has not been an easy road,” Anderson said.

On Monday, a Texas judge overturned Anderson’s negligent homicide charged and cleared her criminal record. Judge Teresa Drum dismissed Anderson’s conviction after a Richard Godfrey, an attorney for General Motors, admitted in a letter that the air bags failed to deploy because of a faulty ignition switch in Saturn.

Anderson’s attorney Robert Hilliard was happy his client was cleared but had harsh criticism of General Motors, who h said sat back and watched while his client was convicted of an accident she didn’t cause, USA Today reported.

In June, General Motors announced they would create a fund to compensation victims of accidents caused by faulty ignition switches. Because […]

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Is a Civil Suit the Next Course of Action for Michael Brown’s Family?

Michael Brown 300x168 Is a Civil Suit the Next Course of Action for Michael Brown’s Family?Ferguson, MO-As the smoke rises above Ferguson, Missouri, and shop owners assess the damage after a night of looting and multiple businesses set ablaze, some are wondering what is next for Michael Brown’s family. With the Grand jury deciding not to prosecute Officer Darren Wilson for gunning down Brown, there is a desire around the country for justice. So what can the Brown family do to get the justice they deserve?

The Justice Department is investigating whether Officer Wilson violated Brown’s civil rights. This could lead to federal prosecution, but Attorney General cautioned that federal charges require a “high legal bar,” NBC News reported. A federal prosecutor would have to be able to prove that by shooting Michael Brown, Officer Wilson violated the teen’s civil rights. That’s not easily done.

The Ferguson Police Department could also chose to fire Wilson. Now that he has been cleared by the grand jury, Wilson is cleared to return to duty. But again with the protections bestowed on police officers via their union, firing Wilson would be a nearly impossible task and an unlikely prospect.

And that may not be necessary since prior to the grand jury decision, Wilson was already in negotiations with Ferguson Police to resign.

In the absence federal charges, the next recourse of action the Brown family can take is to file a wrongful death suit against Wilson and the St. Louis County Police.

A statement issued by the Brown family prior to the announcement of the grand jury’s decision implored the community to engage in peaceful protests, but Brown family made no mention of whether they intend to file a civil suit. Earlier on Monday, in a […]

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California Bus Accident Leaves One Dead and Injures Dozens

medical mal 300x257 California Bus Accident Leaves One Dead and Injures Dozens Los Angeles, CA- A tour bus from Los Angeles crashed early Sunday morning in Northern California, killing one passenger and injuring thirty others, some critically.

California Highway Patrol reported that that tour bus, traveling from Los Angeles to Oregon, on the 5 Freeway in Shasta County ran off the road into an embankment and overturned just after 7:30 a.m. The bus landed on the roof and spread luggage and other debris all over the road.

The crash occurred about a 100 miles from the Oregon border.

The crash killed a 33 year-old man from Fresno County, CBS Los Angeles reported.

Thirty others were injured with a few suffering serious injuries. Most of those injuries were minor and the majority of victims were treated at a local hospital then released. At least four victims were listed in critical condition Sunday; one suffered a brain injury the Sacramento Bee reported.

Police are unclear what the cause of the accident is at this time, but suspect fatigue played a role. CHP said the bus was involved in another accident at Denny’s earlier that morning, around 5 a.m., in Red Bluff. In that accident the bus driver clipped the edge of the roof of the restaurant, causing minimal but visible damage.

The bus, owned by Yellow Arrow Lines, was being driven by 67 year-old Jose Victor Garcilazo Palencia of Los Angeles. Palencia had a co-driver who police are speaking with.

One passenger on the bus told who escaped with minor injuries told CBS, “You could tell that he wasn’t paying attention, because he just kept going straight. And I think he might have fallen asleep a little bit, I’m not sure.”

Police are […]

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Five Members of Texas Family Die in Overnight Crash, Highlighting Dangers of Drowsy Driving

Fasten Your Seat Belts Five Members of Texas Family Die in Overnight Crash, Highlighting Dangers of Drowsy Driving Terrell, TX- According to the National Safety Council, the risks of being in an accident is three times as high for motorists at night than during the day. Decreased visibility, drunken drivers and fatigue are all risks drivers face while driving at night.

Police believe fatigue was the cause of a Wednesday night accident in Louisiana that left five members of Texas family dead as they headed to Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

Michael and Trudie Hardman and their six children left their home in Terrell, Texas, around 8 p.m. Wednesday night for their “dream trip” to Disneyworld, according to ABC News. They were planning to spend Thanksgiving at the Magic Kingdom, but they never made it.

Just a few hours into their trip near Monroe, Louisiana, the family’s SUV ran off the road and rolled several times, ejecting five of the vehicle’s eight occupants.

Michael and Trudie Hardman and three of their six children were killed. Their 16 year-old son, who was driving and two other children survived the crash with moderate injuries.

Police told the Associated Press that the young driver fell asleep at the wheel. The SUV drifted onto the left median and the driver overcorrected causing the vehicle to rollover. Six of the SUV’s eight passengers were ejected.

Police told reporters that only the driver was wearing a seat belt. The young driver was cited for the accident.

Michael Hardman’s brother Timothy Hardman told the AP, the family had been planning the trip to Disney World for nine months. He said, “It was their dream trip.”

Our hearts go out to this family at during this difficult time.

“Crashes like this one don’t just affect the […]

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Wisconsin Slip and Fall Accidents

Personal Accidents 300x195 Wisconsin Slip and Fall Accidents Milwaukee, WI- Slip and fall accidents occur more often than many people realize. The Centers for Disease Control estimates that over 1 million Americans are injured in slip, trip or fall accidents annually and over 17,000 people are killed in these accidents. In the workplace, slip and fall accidents account for 15 percent of worker injuries.

Who is at risk? Basically, anyone is at risk of being involved in a slip and fall accident. Adults over the age of 55, however, are at the greatest risk, and these types of accidents occur frequently in nursing homes across Wisconsin. The CDC estimates that 57 percent of slip and fall accidents happen in the home and 50 percent occur in the workplace.

Workers are the second highest risk group for slip and fall accidents, which account for 40 percent of worker’s compensation claims. Workers between the age of 15 and 24 are more prone to this type of workplace injury.

The CDC defines slip and fall accidents as either a same-level fall or an elevated fall. Same-level falls usually occur when a person slips in liquid or trips on an object in the middle of a floor, sidewalk or other walkway on private property. Elevated falls happen when a person falls from stairs or other elevated walkway, with the majority of these falls occurring at a height of ten feet or less.

Both same-level and elevated falls can result in a range of injuries from minor to life-threatening. Traumatic brain injuries, knee injuries and hip fractures are the most common injuries that result for slips and fall accidents. Injuries incurred in a slip and fall accident may […]

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