Eight Killed and Ten Injured in Florida Church Van Accident

Fatal AccidentFort Lauderdale, FL- An early morning accident, in which a church van plunged into a canal, left 8 people dead and 10 people injured Monday morning.

The accident took place just after 12:30 a.m. in Glades County just east of Lake Okeechobee. Ten people in the van survived and were taken to 4 different hospitals in the area, but eight people were killed, including the driver, CNN reported.

The 18 members of Independent Haitian Assembly of God in Fort Pierce were returning home on a rural stretch of road which mostly sees commercial traffic. Florida Highway Patrol spokesman Lt. Greg Bueno WPBF that van was heading east on US 27 when the van approached a stop sign at SR 78. Instead of stopping for the sign, the driver blew through it, crossing all lanes of SR 78 then plunging 8 to 10 feet down an embankment into canal, according to CNN.

CNN reports that one of the people in the van managed crawl out of the wreckage and up the embankment to get help from a passing motorist.

Passengers in the van ranged in age from 4-years-old to over 80-years-old. The child is among the survivors.

Lt. Bueno said that it wasn’t foggy at the time of the accident and are still trying to determine the cause. Police noted that the van had a maximum 16-passenger capacity.

Capacity often plays a role in accidents such as these and even a van that is a little over capacity can be involved a devastating accident. Take for instance a 2013 Florida accident involving members of a Broward County church which left one person dead and injured a total of […]

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Paralyzed Truck Driver Receives $14 Million in Lawsuit Settlement

31-year old Colin Lacy became paralyzed as a result of the injuries sustained when his truck over-turned in an accident in 2011. The incident occurred in Florida on Interstate 10.


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Louisiana Man Who Killed Five in Road-Rage Accident Gets New Trial

Road RageBaton Rouge, LA- A Louisiana man who was convicted of killing five people on a stretch of I-10 in 2013 will get a new trial.

David Leger was convicted of five counts of vehicular manslaughter for the deadly incident, but during his sentencing, his attorneys successfully argued that their client wouldn’t be sentenced fairly because presiding Judge Judy White is running for election to the Baton Rouge District Court, NOLA.com reported.

Leger, even though he was convicted, will get a new trial with a different presiding judge.

Leger was intoxicated that fateful night when he and another motorist got into a disagreement. A classic example of the road rage, Leger, 32, and Kelsey Hall, 25, became engaged in what one witness described as a game of cat and mouse along I-10 in Baton Rouge. The two began racing and cutting each other off, at one point Hall was straddling the center of the roadway to prevent him from passing. Their speeds topped out at 85 mph.

This incident eventually culminated in a tragedy for a family. Leger clipped Hall’s rear-bumper, causing home to lose control of his vehicle and cross the center median into the other lanes of traffic. He then slammed head-on into another vehicle which burst into flames. All passengers burned to death.

Effie Fontenot, 29; and her three children: Keagan Fontenot, 11; Hunter Johnson, 7; Austin Fontenot, 3; along with Effie’s coworker Kimberly Stagg, 19 were all killed in the accident, according to NOLA.com.

Blood tests showed that Leger was just above the legal limit.

His new trial has been transferred to another judge and his five convictions from vehicular homicide have been overturned, NOLA.com […]

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Washington Lady Awarded $125,000 Settlement in 2013 Pickleball Accident Case

Sabrina Martin in her lawsuit claims that negligence on the part of community center and its employee’s caused her accident which resulted in her having to get a surgery for a broken hip. According to the lawsuit filed by her accident attorney, Martin was playing pickleballat a community center in Federal Way when she stepped on a sticky spot and slipped.


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Georgia Family Blames Chrysler for Child’s Fiery Death

a2Decatur, GA- A Georgia family is suing American automaker Chrysler, alleging faulty design of older jeep models led to the horrific death of a 4-year-old boy.

In a lawsuit the family of the Remington Walden, who was killed in a fiery collision in 2012, alleges Chrysler knew  the placement of the gas tanks on older Jeep models made the vehicles prone to catch on fire in rear-impact collisions, but ignored the problem. An allegation attorneys for the automaker deny, according to the Financial Times

Remington Walden’s aunt was taking the young boy to a tennis lesson when the 1999 Jeep Cherokee the two were riding in was rear-ended by another motorist traveling at 56 mph. The gas tank caught fire and overtook the back seat where the young boy was strapped into a booster seat. Attorneys for the family said in his opening statement that the blaze was so hot, Remington’s body was fused to the Jeep door,the Financial Times reported.

His aunt survived the crash, but was taken to the hospital where she was treated for smoke inhalation.

According to the Financial Times, the attorney representing Chrysler disputed the boy’s cause of death, pointing to a coroner’s report which said the boy died of blunt force trauma not the fire.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued a report in 2010 stating that Jeep Grand Cherokee models manufactured between 1993 and 2004, “have defective fuel tank storage systems that present a fire hazard in crashes,” due to the “tank’s placement behind the rear axle and below the rear bumper, and the lack of adequate shielding, make it more vulnerable to rupture or leakage from a rear-impact […]

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