Art Van Furniture Pays $1.37 Million for an Accident Lawsuit Settlement

American furniture retail store chain, Art Van Furniture Inc., has reportedly an accident lawsuit for $1.37 million. The lawsuit was a result of a traffic accident involving one of its trucks on July 1st, 2013. A Michigan couple was killed in the accident, following which the couple’s heirs filed a lawsuit through the accident attorneys. Art Van Furniture operates 37 stores across Michigan and several in other states including six stores in the Chicago area.


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Three Killed and Dozens Injured After Intoxicated Driver Plows Into Crowd Outside Christmas Concert

Pedestrian Car Accident Graphic 300x225 Three Killed and Dozens Injured After Intoxicated Driver Plows Into Crowd Outside Christmas Concert Redondo Beach, CA- During the holidays, traffic safety experts try to hammer home the fact that the holidays, for all their joy and cheeriness, also make the roads a little more treacherous. That is due in part to the fact that there are simply more people on the roads, but there are also other factors at play, mainly the driving habits of motorists. One of those bad habits; intoxicated driving is one the biggest dangers during this time of year.

This week, there have been two major accidents caused by drunken drivers that have appeared on front pages across the country. These accidents stand out for a couple of reasons. For one, the sheer number of people hurt in one single incident, and, secondly, they both occurred as people were gathered to celebrate the joy of the holiday season.

Last night, a Christmas concert in Redondo Beach, California turned into a heartbreaking after a drunken driver slammed into a crowd of pedestrians as they exited the church following a Christmas concert.

Police say that up to twelve people, including children and elderly persons, were injured when a woman driving a white sedan rammed into them as they gathered outside the St. James Catholic Church, CBS reported. The injured were among a crowd crossing the street when Margo Bronstein ran a red light and then crashed into the group of pedestrians. Witnesses describe seeing bodies being flung around with some victims being thrown several feet.

Three people were killed, including two people in their 80s, and at least a dozen people were injured, many critically. Police say several children were among the injured. Lt. Joe […]

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Secret Guilty Plea in Paladin Murders a very Rare Phenomenon in Delaware

Joseph Connell, a hardworking mechanic and his new bride, Olga Connell, were brutally shot multiple times at the Paladin Club Condominiums in Wilmington, Delaware in September 2013. 39 year old Joseph Connell was pronounced dead at the scene of the crime while his wife succumbed to her injuries later at Wilmington Hospital.

According to New Castle County Police the victims were found lying outside their home in a pool of blood. Bullet holes found in the doorway of the building and a smashed window indicated a violent confrontation.


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Two Dead Following Separate Louisiana Accidents

Motorcycle Accident 300x199 Two Dead Following Separate Louisiana Accidents Lafayette, LA- Car crashes are an unfortunate reality that touches the lives of thousands of Louisiana residents each year. Crash data from 2013, compiled by Louisiana State University, indicates that 703 state resident lost their lives in traffic accidents. Motorists, pedestrians, cyclist and bikers are all vulnerable and there’s no way of knowing when a life-altering accident is going to touch someone’s life.

In recent weeks, there have been a number of fatal accidents throughout the state, including two separate accidents that left a pedestrian and a motorcyclist dead.

On December 6th, a pedestrian canvassing on behalf of U.S. Senator Marie Landrieu in Shreveport was struck by a pickup truck traveling northbound on Buncombe Ave. According to, SeDestini Monette Fields, 23, was seriously injured and was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment of serious injuries.

While at the hospital, Fields succumbed to her injuries.

Investigators said the driver of the pickup truck left the roadway and struck Fields as she walked along the shoulder. Police are waiting for the results of a toxicology test to determine if the driver was intoxicated at the time of the accident.

Pedestrians, lacking the protection of a vehicle, are vulnerable to suffering serious injuries or death. If you or a loved one has been killed or seriously injured as a result of a pedestrian accident, you are urged to consult with a Lafayette accident attorney to discuss your rights and options for seeking compensation.

Another accident, also on December 6th, in St. Charles Parrish, a motorcyclist out for a ride with a friend was killed when he collided with the pickup truck

Fox8 reported that Jonathon Dascher, 30, […]

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North Dakota Regulators Seek to Reduce Oil Related Fatalities

North Dakota’s oilfields have the notorious distinction of being the most dangerous for oil and gas workers. Recently, Governor Jack Dalrymple announced plans to get the state’s top safety officials to determine ways to improve the oilfields and look into the numerous fatalities that have plagued the industry.

Williston is the heart of the industry where streets are lined with trucks and semi-trucks hauling water and pickup trucks ferrying workers, often at high speeds. Hey, there is money and progress to be made! According to Williston accident attorneys, this is one of the major causes of accidents involving both oilfield workers and the city’s residents as well.

Most of the city’s residents are workers.


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