I Was Partly for an Accident, How Does That Affect My Illinois Injury Claim?

Chicago, IL- Driving is not an easy task, so it’s easy for even an experienced motorist to make a mistake on the road. Of course, some accidents are the fault of one motorist, but sometimes accidents are the fault of both parties involved. That leaves injury victims to ask: How will my blame affect my […]

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Traveling on Memorial Day? Millions of Californians Are, Here’s How You Can Avoid Tragedy

San Diego, CA- This Memorial Day will be one for the record books according to the American Automobile Association, which predicts that approximately 38 million Americans will travel this Memorial Day. As for California, the motoring club expects at least 4.6 million Californians to go more than 50 miles from their home.

“Memorial Day travel is […]

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Is Distracted Driving a Major Danger in New Jersey?

Somerset, NJ- Driving is a complicated task that motorists make more dangerous be engaging in risky habits. One of the risky practices of far too many drivers is to allow themselves to be distracted behind the wheel, and cell phones are the biggest culprits. But, is distracted driving a major danger in New Jersey?

The simple […]

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Teen Killed in Suburban Pittsburgh Auto Accident, What Can a Family Do?

Pittsburgh, PA- A Pittsburgh-area teen was killed last week after he and two other friends were involved in a rollover crash. Sadly, such collisions are common throughout Pennsylvania, leaving victims to ask: Who is financially responsible for accidents caused by teen drivers?

According to WXPI, the single-vehicle accident occurred on Saturday, May 14th after one a.m. […]

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I was Injured in an Accident, How Does New York’s No-Fault Insurance Rules Affect My Claim?

New York, NY- Were you injured in an accident? Were your injuries minor or severe? If you were injured and you are planning on filing a personal injury claim, there are things you need to understand about New York’s auto insurance rules apply to your claim and how you go about recovering compensation. USAttorneys will […]

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