Amtrak Steps Up and Takes Responsibility for the Train Crash in Philadelphia

A legal representative for Amtrak has admitted that the company will not contest the lawsuits against it and will bear all the economic and non-economic damages that have been caused as a result of a train derailment in Philadelphia, as reported by Currently, a staggering 26 lawsuits name Amtrak as the principal defendants in connection with the train crash.


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Several People Injured after Truck Causes 23-car Pile-up in Seattle

Seattle, WA- A police investigation turned into a massive traffic pile-up that left several people injured and tied up I-5 for hours.

The accident occurred Saturday, July 18th just after 8 a.m. in the northbound lanes of Interstate 5 while police were on the scene of a fatal shooting. Traffic had come to a halt as […]

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25 Year Old Mother and Child Killed in Myrtle Grove Car Crash

A mother and her 4-year old child were killed as a result of a car accident that occurred on Monday afternoon on State Highway 23 in the proximity of Myrtle Grove in Plaquemines Parish. According to, the mother has been identified as 25 year old Jenny Taing who had her 4 year old son […]

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Fiat Chrysler Forced to Buy Back Thousands of Trucks, Hit with Hefty Civil Penalty for Failed Recall

Hobart, OK- This has been a busy year for auto recalls and the next in line to face not only a massive recall of some models, but the automaker also had orders to buyback thousands of Dodge trucks and SUVs over crash risk.

On Monday, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced what is considered the […]

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Slip and Fall Accidents (Miami, Florida)

Miami Florida (2015) – In warm and sunny Miami, Florida, there are many slip and fall accidents, possibly more than the national average.  This may be due to the large elderly population in South Florida, particularly in Miami.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”), each year, millions of adults aged 65 […]

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