What Are the Primary Causes of Fatal Traffic Accidents in New Jersey? Union Lawyer Explains

Union, NJ- Fatal traffic accidents in New Jersey have been decreasing over the past couple of decades and falls below the national average. Even so, hundreds of motorists are killed in the Garden State each year. No traveler wants to be in an accident, but everyone makes mistakes, and regrettably, sometimes those mistakes occur on […]

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Injured in a Florida Traffic Collision? Polk Accident Attorney Explains the Basics of Injury Claims

Polk, FL- Did you get hurt in a traffic collision? Did you suffer severe or minor injuries? Being in an accident can turn your world upside down and leave you saddled with costly medical and repairs bills. Accident claims in Florida are handled differently than in other states

If you want to file a personal injury […]

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Can President Obama Convince U.S. Motorists to Embrace Self-Driving Cars?

DeSoto, FL- Self-driving cars may be the wave of the future, but Americans are reluctant to trust them. A small number of recent accidents involving self-driving cars isn’t helping gain the public’s trust in autonomous vehicles. President Obama is trying hard to change that and get the American public to trust and embrace self-driving cars.

In […]

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How Will Michigan’s No-Fault Rules Affect my Accident Claim? Detroit Injury Lawyer Explains

Detroit, MI- At some point in time you may have the bad luck of being in a traffic collision. If you are lucky, your accident will be minor, and you won’t suffer a severe injury. But if you are misfortunate you may find yourself among the thousands of Michiganders who suffered severe and incapacitating injuries […]

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When Victims Die or Are Hurt in A Car Accident, No Standards for Family Notifications May Exist

SAN DIEGO, California. It’s the worst news a family could receive. A loved one has died or has been injured in a car accident. How family is notified about the loved one’s injury or death can have a big impact on the grieving process. Yet, shockingly, few officers are trained in how to properly notify […]

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