Fatal Work Injury Statistics in Minnesota

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, there have been a total of 74 fatal work injuries that occurred in the state of MN in 2015. While the majority of these fatalities occurred in transportation incidents, contact with objects accounted for 17 of these accidents. Construction is generally the type of environment where these […]

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Facts Surrounding Work Zones and Accidents

 Because there are many different factors that could have caused you to engage in an accident in a work zone, hiring an accident attorney in Madison is suggested to ensure anyone who can be held accountable is.

Each day you probably find yourself driving to work, school, your local grocer, or anywhere else and have more […]

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Avoiding Distracted Driving Crashes in Florida

Broward, FL-Driving in Florida can be a complicated task without external or internal distractions. But in the modern age, distractions abound. In 2014, distracted driving contributed to 3,179 deadly crashes in the U.S., Distraction.gov reports. Cell phones, of course, are the biggest behind the wheel distraction these days but motorists can be distracted by a […]

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Don’t Get Caught up in the Valentine’s Day Blues

Accident attorneys in Louisville, Kentucky know that Valentine’s Day can be the best or worst day for anyone but you need to ensure you don’t put yourself in any situation that could potentially harm you.

Valentine’s Day is just hours away and you may be considering what you are going to be doing with your time […]

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Teenager from Shoals Dies in Alabama 247 Crash

A teenage student who was on his way to school was killed after being involved in a car accident which occurred earlier this week on Alabama 247, as reported by al.com. According to authorities, the identity of the young man has been confirmed as 18 year old Benjamin Alan Braley who was a student of Colbert Heights High School.


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