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Kentucky Accident Lawyer

Our busy lives are filled with working, running errands or leisure activities. A great deal of our time is spent driving to countless destinations. We are always doing something. Every day, whether we are in our homes or out and about, we encounter situations and people that put us at risk for accidental injury. Accidents can happen anytime; in your home with products we use, while taking medications, in stores you can slip and fall and while driving accidents wait around every corner. Life is full of hazards, most of us are lucky and don’t fall victim to accidents. There are those unlucky few that are seriously injured in an accident.

By definition accidents aren’t intentional but for them to transpire someone has been careless. Unfortunately, one person’s negligence can cause another serious injury. Having an injury can unfavorably affect a person’s life, causing loss of wages and high medical bills. Laws exist which are meant to protect accident victims from financial destruction due to another person’s neglect. Victims of accidental injury deserve to be compensated for their pain and suffering. Civil courts in each state are set up to hear accidents cases.

Generally, personal injury or accidental death cases are heard by state courts. Each state enacts a time limit on when an accident case can be filed with the court; this is called a statute of limitations. In the state of Kentucky, personal injury cases must be filed within one year of the accident otherwise the victim has no legal recourse. For the state to consider hearing an accidental case the lawyer must be able to prove negligence.

With the proper paperwork being filed, a preliminary hearing will take place to determine if the accident victim, called the plaintiff, has a legitimate case. If the judge feels the accused, called the defendant, was negligent and inflicted harm on the plaintiff a date for trial will be set up. The lawyers of both parties will need time to prepare their cases. Many accidental death and injury cases are settled out of court well before the trial date.

As an accident victim there are things you must do to make a good case and prove negligence. First the injured party must seek medical attention. All injuries should be photographed as well as the accident scene and surrounding areas. Any and all pertinent evidence such as bloody clothing should be retained. At no time should the accident victim discuss fault or apologize. Any involved insurance companies must be contacted as well as an accident lawyer.

Suffering an injury is terrifying for most people. The frustrations of medical and financial problems can be alleviated by the help of a Kentucky Accident Lawyer. Life is complex enough without suffering from the ineptitude of another. The service of a Kentucky Accident Attorney will be the guarantee that you will be compensated for the harm inflicted upon you. With your future well-being at stake retain a Kentucky Accident Lawyer.

With a top accident attorney handling your claim, you won’t have a thing to worry about. Contact a skilled accident attorney in Kentucky today so you can close out your accident case quickly and hassle-free. A top accident attorney is standing by this minute, ready to assist you.