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Mediocrity is not a word that our accident attorneys in Michigan have in their vocabulary. Any accident attorney you choose from our team is reputable, has fought – and won – countless accident related cases, and will serve you to their fullest capability. Our top accident attorneys have experience with motor vehicle accidents, worker’s compensation and even medical malpractice. Whatever your individual needs are, we have an accident attorney that’s perfect for you.

Michigan Accident Lawyer

Accidents happen all the time and change our perception of safety. They can happen in our homes by the medications we take or the everyday products that we use. While in our automobiles the carelessness of others can cause traffic accidents which make them the leading cause of accidental injuries and death. While shopping we can slip and fall. Even our recreational activities like traveling, boating, and cycling can put us in peril. As a community each individual has the obligation to prevent accidents through conscientious actions, however the world is full of distractions and diverted attention can create hazardous situations.

Accidents by definition are unintentional, despite the lack of maliciousness, our careless actions or simple inaction can cause others serious injuries or property damage.Some accidents incur minimal damage or injury. Inevitably some incidents cause serious personal injury and even death. Serious injury can be very debilitating and financially disastrous. The recovery process can take months to years, during this time the patient will miss work and amass high medical bills along with the everyday cost of living. The added stresses of debt and pain make the road to recovery difficult. Accidental injury sufferers deserve compensation for their suffering and have a legal recourse.

To file an accident lawsuit the injured must first file a complaint with the civil court in their district. Each state as a set time limit on when personal injury cases can be filed; called the statute of limitations. In the state of Michigan the statute of limitations is three years. Before a lawsuit will be heard by a judge, the victim and their attorney must be able to prove negligence caused the injury or property damage. Proving negligence is the most difficult aspect of an accidental injury case.

As the complainant there are certain things you can do to assist your Michigan Accident Lawyer prove negligence. Immediately after the incident the injured should first seek medical attention. Take photographs of the injuries and the surrounding area of the incident scene. Get the contact information of the negligent party and of all potential witnesses.Give your attorney any torn or bloody clothing to use as evidence.Don’t agree to any settlement without consulting your attorney.

With negligence proven your case can go into litigation. Many accident cases are settled before they reach trial. Your Michigan Accident Attorney will advise you on the best course of action. The most common is a settlement where the two involved parties agree on the amount of compensation that will be paid. Mediation and arbitration are other out of court means to settling an accident case. Mediation is less formal and presided over by a neutral third party who assists the plaintiff and defendant in resolving the lawsuit through discussion and compromise. Arbitration is more formal with where the case is decided by a third party with expertise in the field. No matter which way your case is settled you will need the assistance of a Michigan Accident Lawyer

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