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Satisfaction of our basic human needs requires we constantly go from one place to the other, which at times puts in harm’s way. No matter whether we are driving, walking, cycling, even boating or flying, there is the chance that an accident can happen. An accident, by definition, is an unintentional event that can cause personal injury or damage to property. The most common type of accident is the automobile accident, and the leading cause of injuries and death. There are so many ways in which we can be injured; we can be harmed in our homes by the products we use or the medications we take, we can also slip and fall in the shops we frequent. Some injuries are mild, but others can be extremely debilitating and possibly result in death.

Suffering from an injury involves doctor’s visits, and if serious enough missing time from work. The injured can take months to recover, collecting a great deal of debt. The financial ruin of an accidental injury can make the recovery process take longer,because of the emotional distress. People who are accidentally injured deserve compensation from the negligent party. Any injured person who feels they should be repaid for the damages caused by an accident must file with their district’s civil court. Each state imposes a time limit on when accidental cases can be filed with the court; this is called the statute of limitations. For the state of Rhode Island, the statute of limitations for accidental injury, property damage or malpractice is three years.

A case’s soundness is dependent on whether the injured along with their lawyer can prove negligence caused the injury or property damage. Proving negligence is essential to any accident case, but can be challenging for a lawyer without the right evidence. As an accident victim, there are steps that can be taken to assist your Rhode Island Accident Attorney with proving negligence.

Collecting evidence is the best way to prove negligence played a part in an accidental injury or property damage. As an accident victim you should seek medical attention immediately. At the scene of the accident, the victim should take photographs of the surrounding area and injuries. Don’t discuss fault at the incident site. Keep any torn or blood stained clothing to give to your Rhode Island Accident Attorney as evidence. All contact information from the accused and any potential witnesses must be collected. Any interested insurance companies should be notified. Following this protocol will help build a strong case. If negligence can be proven, a judge will assign a court date for the case to be heard which will be months in advance so the lawyers can prepare the case.

Judicial proceedings require the aid of a professional to be your voice in court. When presenting an accidental injury case the service of a Rhode Island Accident Lawyer will assure that your case is well-presented. The stresses of a personal injury can be relieved with compensation. Without a Rhode Island Accident attorney you may not receive just compensation.

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