41 People Treated for Injuries Following Truck Collision with School Bus

MARSEILLES, Illinois – A collision between a pickup truck and school bus Monday has sent 41 people to area hospitals.

The bus, driven by Diane L. Kelley, 70, of Marseilles, was about to drop off roughly 60 kindergarten through eighth-grade students at Milton Pope School in Marseilles when the accident occurred.

Just after 8 a.m. Monday, a Dodge Dakota pickup truck was heading south on E. 25th Road when it entered the intersection at N. 32nd Road, colliding with the school bus which was going east.

The La Salle County Sheriff’s Office and the La Salle County State’s Attorney’s Office are still investigating the incident and believe the bus rolled 1 1/4 times before coming to a stop on its side.

The driver of the pickup, Michael A. Shelton, 44, of Seneca, was transported to Morris Hospital with injuries and was cited for failing to stop a stop sign.

Thirty-nine students that were on the bus were taken area hospitals for treatment and Kelley was transported to St. Mary’s.

Authorities do not expect any of the injuries to be life-threatening. Twenty-two of the students had already been released from hospital care.

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School Bus and Tractor-trailer Collide in Shreveport Causing a Power Outage and One Injury

Shreveport, LA- A school bus, carrying thirty students and six adults, collided with a tractor-trailer in Shreveport on Monday.

According to the police report, the driver of the school bus was traveling in downtown Shreveport when he attempted to change lanes. The bus side-swiped the tractor-trailer causing it to cut down a SWEPCO utility pole, which then fell onto the truck.

After the accident, the bus driver continued to the initial destination, which was Sci-Port Louisiana Science Center, where the students were dropped off. The bus driver then returned to the scene of the accident. He told police that he left the scene because he could not find a safe place to stop.

The truck driver had minor injuries and was taken to the hospital. No one on the bus was injured.

The accident caused power outages for numerous businesses in downtown Shreveport.

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Dump Truck Crashes into School Bus Killing One Child and Critically Injuring Three Others

CHESTERFIELD, NJ – An 11-year-old triplet is dead and three others are in critical condition after a dump truck crashed into the back of a school bus near Philadelphia Thursday morning.

Authorities explained that the dump truck was traveling on Route 528 when it crashed into the back of the school bus, causing the bus to hit a utility pole. The school bus was heading down Old York Road, transporting a total of 25 children to Chesterfield Elementary in New Jersey. The students range in grade from kindergarten to sixth.

The deceased triplet was identified as Isabelle Tezsla, a sixth grader. Her two sisters, Sophie and Natalie, as well as another boy, Jonathan Zdybel, also 11, sustained critical injuries in the accident. The children are being treated at Cooper University Hospital in Camden. Seventeen other students sustained minor injuries.

The triplets are the daughters of a New Jersey State trooper, State Police Sgt. Anthony Tezsla.

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Two Montgomery County school buses collide, injuring students and at least one driver

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Maryland – Two school buses collided in a crash on Wednesday morning, sending both students and drivers to the hospital.

At least nine students and one bus driver were transported to hospitals on Wednesday morning following a crash between two Montgomery County school buses in the Clarksburg area.

Luckily, no one seems to have suffered any serious injuries, but victims were taken to neighboring hospitals for further examination.

The incident occurred around 9 a.m. when one of the buses that was traveling west on Stringtown Road brushed up against the other school bus that had been traveling east.

One of the bus drivers swerved in order to avoid colliding with the other bus but this led the vehicle to go off the road and crash against a tree.

According to officials, the roads that the buses were traveling on were hilly and curvy.

Officials have not released information regarding the condition of the drivers. It is currently unclear as to whether one or both drivers were taken to hospitals.

After the crash, the parents of the children that were being transported in the buses were called and the students that were not injured were taken to school.

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Mississippi dies as result of car crash with school bus

HAZLEHURST, Mississippi — A woman from Crystal Spring was killed on Tuesday after colliding with a Hazlehurst city school bus. The crash happened around 7 a.m. on U.S. Highway 51 in Hazlehurst. Fortunately, there were no children on the bus when the incident occurred. The victim, Mia Washington, 20, was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash. The bus driver and his assistant driver sustained minor injuries. Washington apparently lost control of her car and hit the school bus. While police say it appears to be an accident, the incident remains under investigation.

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