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Virginia Accident Attorney

Life is about running around and getting things done. We drive, walk, take the bus or even ride bicycles. We go to work, go to the grocery store and visit our friends. No matter what we are doing we employ various modes of transportation to take us where we need to go. All this motion can be the setting for mistakes. There are many situations where a person can get into an accident and suffer injuries or damage to personal property. Accidental injuries even death can occur anywhere and at any time whether in your home, on the road, at work or in a business. Some of those dangerous situations are created by the inattentiveness of others.

Physical injuries create disorder in people’s lives in numerous ways. If serious enough, the injury could be debilitating and cause lost wages along with high medical bills. Some accidents even end in death. Many accidents involve only the damage of property. There are legal means you can pursue if you or your property is harmed by another’s carelessness. Money won’t heal injuries, but it can give a person the peace of mind necessary in recovery.

Personal injury cases are considered civil cases and are tried in a district court. Each state imposes a time limit on when cases can be filed; this is called a statute of limitations. For the state of Virginia, the statute of limitations for personal injury and property damage is two years. To utilize the civil court you must file an accident complaint with the court.

The courts must assess whether negligence caused the accident. Once negligence has been established, the court will approve a case for litigation. To benefit an accident case the injured should follow proper protocol. The victim should get medical attention immediately. When at the accident scene don’t discuss the incident with the party at fault. Obtain the name and phone number of the negligent person and any potential witnesses. Keep any torn or bloody clothing from the incident for evidentiary purposes. Photograph injuries, damages and accident scene along with the surrounding area. Contact the appropriate insurance companies. Don’t agree to any settlement without contacting your Virginia Accident Attorney.

An accidental injury case can be in litigation for months, this time allows attorney to build their cases. A well-documented case is crucial so any evidence you can gather will be important to your lawyer. Proving fault is essential in an accidental injury claim. When fault has been conclusively proven the accused or defendant may decide to settle the case out of court if both parties agree to the terms. Settlements occur frequently to avoid the cost of a court trial.

Representation of a Virginia Accident Lawyer is the key to recovering the losses of accidental injury or death. Your Virginia Accident Attorney can calm the tumult of an accidental injury. Our judicial system is designed to award the plaintiff what they deserve for their suffering and the job of a Virginia Accident Lawyer is to guide their client through the system.

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