The Ohio State Highway Patrol has reported that an 11-year old boy was killed in a west-central Ohio crash. The report states that the incident took place at around 5 pm on Monday on US Route 68 near Bellefontaine in Logan County. The 11-year old boy was transported to from the accident site to a nearby hospital where he succumbed to his injuries and passed away. The victim has been identified as Connor Strohbridge.

The victim was an occupant in the vehicle driven by 31-year old Jacob Strohbridge. Reportedly, the driver lost control of the vehicle and drove into the south bond lane and collided with an on-coming vehicle.
Jacob Strohbridge and the driver of the other vehicle involved were hospitalized with minor non-life threatening injuries. The Ohio State Highway Patrol claims poor road conditions may have played a major role in the accident. Certain areas of Logan County had received 3 to 4.5 inches of heavy snow on Monday.
More lawsuits against Greyhound as Wyoming couple file complaint
David and Sandra Otte are the latest persons to have filed a lawsuit against Greyhound and bus driver Dwayne Garrett in relation with the accident that occurred on Sept. 14th, 2013.
The Greyhound bus was reportedly driving on interstate 75 around 4 am when it went off the road and rolled over into an Ohio corn field. 34 among the 50 occupants were injured in the accident but none suffered any life threatening injuries. Otte was airlifted to a hospital.
David Otte says he was returning home from Alabama after visiting his brother. The lawsuit he has filed through his accident attorney alleges that the driver of the bus had either fallen asleep or otherwise lost consciousness causing the bus to veer off the highway. David Otte’s accident attorney is seeking compensation for Otte who he claims suffered injuries that required expensive treatment.
The lawsuit alleges that the defendant Greyhound had carelessly, recklessly, and negligently entrusted a driver that was incompetent and had been involved in negligent driving cases before.
Greyhound have maintained that the driver suffered a sudden medical emergency which caused the crash. They termed Otte’s allegations as “incorrect and untrue”. They also said that David Otte’s injuries pre-existed or were unrelated to the crash.
There is no law that requires sobriety testing after an accident in Ohio
Jesse Whitaker was inconsolable during his hearing in 2012. He had been charged with vehicular homicide. Still a teenager at the time, Whitaker had crashed his vehicle into a tree and three teenage girls that were in the backseat had all died because of the impact. Whitaker was tried in a juvenile court and was given 2 years of probation, 300 hours of community service, and his license was suspended until the age of 21.
These punishments were deemed insufficient by many. Whitaker was never tested for alcohol or drugs. According to Toledo Ohio accident attorneys, there is no law in force which requires the arresting officer to perform these tests unless there is any probable cause.
Whitaker is irresponsible, a killer, and a menace to society
Now Jesse Whitaker is 20 years old and has crashed his car again. On the night of St. Patrick’s Day, Whitaker was arrested and was made to take a field sobriety test that he failed. Whitaker refused to take a breathalyzer test.
This incident has once again put the state law or the lack of it rather, in the spotlight and has sparked debates as to whether there should be a chance in legislation or not., an online directory of nationwide accident attorneys is trying to fight this menace by bringing together accident victims and local attorneys.

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