Accidents involving children are perhaps the most devastating to take in. If your child was recently involved in an accident in the state of Tennessee, contact where you will receive the necessary help to hire a Nashville accident attorney local to you.
Its hunting season in the south, and for many, this is the time where fridges become fully stocked until next winter arrives. Those who engage in the sport of hunting have specific places they like to go where they know they are guaranteed to catch something. Three Feathers Hunting Preserve, located in Cedar Hill, TN, is one of those locations. Individuals go there simply because “the preserve provides guided hunts for quail, chukar, and pheasant on a private reserve” according to Smokey Barn News.
As thrilling as this sport may be for many, it can be rather dangerous seeing that guns are the primary tool used to hunt these animals. Sadly, one family learned just how dangerous it can be when their 11-year-old son was shot and killed. 911 dispatchers received the call around 2:49 p.m. on Sunday, January 8th. The boy, whose identity has not been released” was in a field just behind the Three Feathers Hunting Preserve. He was from Clarksville and had a month to go before he turned 12.

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Accidents involving children are perhaps the most difficult to digest.

How did this tragic incident occur?
Apparently, while the young boy was out in the field, “a gun accidentally discharged and the boy was shot in the lower abdominal area.” The boy’s father was assisting medics to help save his son, and as they began to prepare to LifeFlight the boy, he passed away before they could transport him to a local hospital.
The gun wound was caused by a shotgun and according to Adams Tennessee Fire Chief Ray Brown, the boy had to have been close to the gun for it to cause the fatal injury. The Roberston County Sheriff’s Office is in charge of the investigation and will release any current information they receive. Although it isn’t clear as to whether or not the boy’s father was present while he had a gun in possession, or if the father was responsible for firing the shotgun, it is always advisable to have an adult around a child in such circumstances.
As you know, accidents can happen anywhere, anytime. Vehicular crashes, work-related incidents, and slip and falls are only some of the common types of accidents that can occur. If you live in Nashville, TN and were recently involved in some sort of accident, it is important for you to understand how beneficial it is for you to hire a Tennessee accident attorney.
To learn more about how a lawyer who specializes in personal injuries may help you and the compensation you may be entitled to receive, contact today.

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