A massive pile-up of vehicles is what police arrived at early Tuesday morning on the old Mississippi River Bridge in Baton Rouge. WBRZ says the crash happened around 8:30 a.m. and involved at least 15 vehicles, some of which were large trucks. While it is unclear who or what caused the accident as of yet, witnesses say they were sitting in traffic at the bottom of the bridge when an 18-wheeler headed toward them on its side.

The 18-wheeler was then struck from behind by another 18-wheeler that forced it into multiple passenger vehicles. Video footage shows one truck crushing a car that was later identified as the vehicle the 13-year-old has been trapped inside of. Sadly, she passed away as a result of the injuries she suffered. Another individual had to be airlifted from the scene while others were either treated at the scene or transported to an area hospital.

Witnesses say that more warnings need to be provided on the bridge so that truckers and other drivers are aware that traffic may be backed up at the bottom of the bridge.


Steps Truck Accident Victims Should Take Immediately After Engaging in a Collision in Louisiana


Truck accidents happen all too frequently and are often responsible for causing serious or fatal injuries. The majority of these accidents are caused by driver error, meaning they are preventable if all the right precautions are being taken. Unfortunately, not all truck drivers operate their vehicles with safety in mind. Some may drive too fast for roadway conditions while others may be distracted or fatigued.

If an individual was recently involved in a truck accident in Louisiana and they suffered serious or life-threatening injuries, the LA truck accident lawyers at Scandurro & Layrisson are ready to help.

The first thing an accident victim should do aside from seeking medical attention after a collision with a large truck is contact a lawyer. Whether they are in the hospital recovering or have already been discharged, it is crucial for a victim to connect with a Louisiana truck accident attorney as soon after the accident as possible. Here’s what a truck accident attorney can do:

  • Explain the victim’s legal rights.
  • Begin gathering evidence from the crash scene before it disappears or becomes difficult to collect.
  • Identify the liable parties.
  • Decide if and how much compensation the victim might be entitled to. If the accident resulted in serious injuries, it can take time to value the case. A good truck accident lawyer is going to ensure that before a victim accepts any money from the insurer or the at-fault party that it is clear what injuries were suffered and whether the victim is likely to recover or not.
  • Fight for the compensation the victim is due, whether that means filing an insurance claim or taking the case to court.


Scandurro & Layrisson is Ready to Protect the Rights of Those Who Were Injured in a Truck Accident in Louisiana


If an individual is looking to gain a better understanding of their right to compensation or lost someone they love in a truck accident, they can contact Scandurro & Layrisson to discuss their case with a skilled Louisiana truck accident attorney. Scandurro & Layrisson offers free consultations and can be reached at 504-522-7100.


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