It appears the new year has started out a bit rough for several families in Florida as multiple car accidents have been reported, some involving deaths and others leaving victims wounded. It’s always difficult to hear when someone doesn’t survive a car collision, especially when it is a child. One mother was recently faced with what most parents fear the most, losing a child. Melissa Ramos was devastated when she learned that her 14-year-old son, Devin Minus, was killed in a car accident just a half-mile away from his home in Martin County, FL.
Minus had been cooped up in the house on his last day of winter break because of the rain and wanted to get out. His neighbor, 23-year-old Scott Lee Jenkins whom Ramos didn’t know too well, took Minus and 12-year-old Mary Pearson out for a “joy ride.” That was the last time Ramos saw her son. The 2018 Infiniti Q50 that was driven by Jenkins left the paved portion of the roadway and crashed into a tree around 4:27 p.m. on Southwest Wildcat Trail. All three occupants of the vehicle were taken to Martin Memorial South Hospital. Jenkins and Pearson only suffered minor injuries, but Minus didn’t survive. Pearson was a close friend to Minus and told TC Palm that “he always had people’s back.”
Ramos is a single mother who was caring for four children. Her son left behind his three sisters ages 11, 8, and 6, and another potential brother or sister as his mother is currently expecting. Minus had been hoping for a brother. His mom reflects on her relationship with her son. She told the source, “I was a single mom for a long time and he was the only boy so me and him were…closely knit.”
It’s unfortunate that this young boy’s life was taken but it is a wakeup call to all others that accidents do happen and we need to work hard at preventing them.

Most Car Accidents Happen When Driving Close by to Home

Did you know that most car accidents occur within 25 miles of our home? According to Esurance, “the relaxation we feel caused by the repetition of driving through our own neighborhood likely plays a role.” When we drive in a familiar place, we often rely on muscle memory as opposed to our active driving skills. And if you’ve ever felt as though you were operating your vehicle on autopilot, then you know how easily your mind distracts itself from the roadway.

Although it is easy to feel comfortable with driving through your neighborhood, if you want to prevent an accident from occurring, consider these two tips:

  1. Ride alert
  2. Buckle up

Rather than fall into your comfort zone, drive with caution and remain alert and cognizant of the fact that a collision could occur.
And if you were recently involved in one and are seeking advice from a legal representative on how you can collect compensation for the damages that have arisen, will gladly connect you with a local accident lawyer in Martin, FL who can help you.

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