An accident that occurred in Lafayette on Sunday night has left a boy with serious injuries. The injured boy was riding as a passenger in car that was being driven by an 18 year old girl. The driver herself escaped with minor injuries, but the boy became severely hurt as a result of the crash, as reported by

California Highway Patrol authorities have confirmed the accident site as Bear Creek Road, which is just off South Happy Valley Road. Responding officers have reported that they were told by witnesses that the car involved in the crash was travelling at a high speed and failed to successfully maneuver around a curve and crashed.
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The teenage female driver is said to have lost directional control of the vehicle, which then drove into a tree at a substantial speed. Emergency medical technicians and rescue workers who responded to the call rushed both the occupants of the car to John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek where the girl was released in a stable condition and the boy remains under treatment.
A Martinez, California woman accidentally runs over husband with a car, killing him
Investigators have determined from the testimony of an elderly woman, who says that her killing her husband with her car was an error, an accident, and nothing more. But insightful Walnut Creek CA accident lawyers want to know if she will financially benefit from her husband’s death?
Does she benefit financially from her husband’s death or is she just terrible behind the wheel?
The freak accident occurred in the 2600 block of Releiz Valley Road. Responders included authorities from the California Highway Patrol, Contra Costa County Fire District, and ambulance operators.
Why press so hard on the break or the gas when you are not moving anyways?
As reported by, an officer that interrogated the woman after the accident spoke to media personnel and reported that the husband was assisting his wife park her car by signaling to her from the outside, when the woman mistaken stepped on the gas pedal instead of the brake and ploughed into him. The car hit the husband, tore through the back wall of the garage and finally ended up in the backyard of their house.
The responding emergency medical technicians attempted to rush the injured husband to John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek but healthcare professionals at the facility pronounced him dead.
No charges have been pressed against the unidentified elderly woman. Instead, officers commented that they felt sorry for the poor woman who has to live with the fact that she accidentally killed her own husband. Did her husband know that his wife did not know how to drive well? Apparently he was too old to jump on the car and he was not standing in the right place. The marvelous accident attorneys on the site do not really understand any of this.
Woman calling insurance after car accident crash man trouble problem
Car accident legislation in California
Unfortunately, car accidents are not predictable and can happen out of the blue to anyone at any time. This is precisely why it is prudent for all Californian residents to be in touch with legislation concerning auto accidents, personal injury claims and wrongful death claims.  The truth is one never knows when they will require this information to sue negligent, reckless or impaired drivers that have no consideration for the lives of others.
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