Chicago, IL- Small cars are more economical and environmentally friendly than the large vehicles and SUVs that many Americans prefer. But, in the event of a traffic accident, being in a smaller car is deadlier. A recent study conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) looked at fatality risk of small cars and identified models with high fatality ratings.

Are Small Cars Death Traps?
In the event of a traffic accident, occupants of a smaller, or subcompact, vehicles are at greater risk of suffering severe or fatal injuries. It’s a matter of physics and a long-established fact, but the IIHS study gives insight into the smaller car models that are involved in fatal crashes.
One of the key findings of the IIHS study is the unfortunate rise in fatal traffic accidents. They found that fatal traffic crashes increased 7 percent in 2015 which the IIHS attributed to increased road travel and improving the economy.
The IIHS also looked at what types of vehicles were in involved in deadly collisions in 2014 and found that subcompact cars were over-represented. Of the top ten vehicles with the highest fatality rates, five were subcompact cars. The Hyundai Accent was the deadliest subcompact, accounting for 104 fatalities, according to the study. Other small cars associated with fatal crashes include:
Kia Rio, the
Chevrolet Spark
Ford Fiesta
Nissan Versa
Subcompact drivers tend to be involved in fewer traffic accidents overall, but occupants of these vehicles represent nearly half of all traffic fatalities, the Newswheel reports. That is due to physics. Anytime a larger vehicle collides with a smaller one, the mass of the larger vehicle will cause more damage to a lighter vehicle and its occupants.
This study shouldn’t discourage you from buying a smaller, but it can serve as a reminder to be more vigilant on the road. Anyone planning on purchasing a vehicle can find safety ratings for dozens of small cars on the IIHS website.

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