Jaydrian Montana Ledbetter, who is only 20 years old, was the driving the car that crashed on Barnardsville Highway in Asheville earlier this year. The crash caused the death of her 1 year old infant and seriously injured another passenger. A state trooper suspects that the 20 year old driver might have been impaired by methamphetamine while she was behind the wheel.

District Attorney Lily Lopez was successful in requesting stricter pre-trial conditions for Ledbetter. District Court Judge Patricia Brown was in agreement and ordered Ledbetter to undergo drug rehabilitation. The judge has also prohibited Ledbetter from leaving the county and has enforced an 8 am – 8 pm curfew on her. She probably is not even allowed to leave the state or the county for that matter as well.
Prior to the accident that claimed the life of her baby, Ledbetter was already facing charges that she had picked up in the summer for breaking and entering, larceny, possession of methamphetamines, and possession of drug paraphernalia. According to her accident attorney, she now faces charges of felony death by vehicle and felony serious injury by vehicle that can carry a collective sentence of up to 22 years in prison.
Freak accident at worksite kills construction worker
Blake Luckadoo was killed in a worksite accident in Rutherford, North Carolina. Herman Sisk, the co-owner of the construction company that Luckadoo worked for, said that the victim was thrown off a machine he was operating and became unresponsive. Sisk was visibly shaken and said that Luckadoo was like one of his children. All 14 people in the small company were distraught by what had happened. Emergency personnel declared Luckadoo dead shortly after arriving on scene.
Luckadoo’s family did not want to make any comments.
Scaffolding collapses in downtown Raleigh, kills three men
Authorities declared the recently deceased as 41-year-old Jose Erasmo Hernandez, 33-year-old Anderson Almeida, and 33-year-old Jose Luis Lopez-Ramirez. The men were killed when a section of scaffolding collapsed at a high-rise construction project in downtown Raleigh.
Another person, 53-year-old Anderson Almeida was also injured in the accident which occurred around 11 am on Monday. The construction company in charge of the building issued a statement through a company spokesman saying that the accident occurred as they were dismantling the scaffold on the building’s exterior.
North Carolina Department of Transportation worker killed in a DUI related accident on US Highway 70
36 year old William Bailey was working on a median of the highway when a car driven by an impaired person ran into the median and collided with him.
The driver of the car was 28-year old Tanisha Dukette who was driving under the influence had two children in the car with her. According to Asheville NC accident attorneys, she has been charged with DUI, felony death by vehicle, and child endangerment, which could result in her being locked up for many years.
William Bailey is survived by a wife and twin 18 month old daughters. He was an employee of the department since 2010 as an engineering technician. Asheville NC accident attorneys say that felony death by motor vehicle can also lead to a second degree murder charge.

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