21 year old Norma Morales from Metairie has been slapped with charges in the traffic death of a New Orleans law enforcement officer, Vernell Brown, according to a nola.com report.
Morales faces charges of negligent homicide in addition to other charges for causing an accident that occurred back in July this year. She will need a lot of luck and some fine work from a New Orleans accident lawyer to get out of this one.

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The accident critically injured Officer Brown who succumbed to life threatening injuries five days after the accident. If found guilty of her accusations in a court of law, Morales may spend as many as the next five years of her life in jail. At the moment, Morales is not in custody. She was released after posting a bond worth a quarter of a million dollars.
According to investigators, Morales was negligent in causing the accident in which another car was sent ploughing into Officer Brown. Unfortunately, Brown was standing outside his patrol car investigating an earlier crash that had occurred on the westward lanes of US Highway 90 when he was hit by the chain reaction accident.
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Negligent driver causes fatal chain reaction accident on US Highway 90
Official police reports reveal that Morales was travelling in a westerly direction on US Highway 90 when suddenly, for some reason, her 2006 Toyota Scion veered left and sideswiped a Ford Mustang. The force of the collision was great enough to send the Mustang into the shoulder of the highway where it rammed into Officer Brown as he walked over to the previous accident site to assist.
The force of the impact resulted in Officer Brown’s body being thrown several feet into the air before it finally plummeted down onto the roadway. He sustained serious brain injuries in the crash and was in a coma for five days before finally dying of his injuries.
The Mustang driver sustained minor non-life threatening injuries and was treated at the site of the crash. He was subjected to a breathalyzer test which showed his blood had no traces of alcohol in it. Morales was also subjected to a breathalyzer test which registered a BAC reading of 0.058%, just under the limit of 0.08%. She was arrested and consequently charged with negligent homicide. She will be represented in trial by a New Orleans public defender.
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Morales is a waitress at a restaurant, Twin Peaks. In the past, Morales had once been cited for driving without a seatbelt. She did not need a New Orleans accident attorney for that charge though.
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