A young adult from Maryville faces a hit and run charge which killed a 71-year old man who was in wheel chair. The alleged perpetrator has been identified as 21-year old Travis K. Garland by Alcoa Police and the deceased 71-year old man has been identified as Hampford Murphy, as per a WBIR report.

Garland did not pay attention to his high school teachers nor the Ten Commandments
According to court documents, apart from the hit and run charge, Garland also faces charges of leaving the scene of an accident with death and of tampering evidence.  He is currently in custody with bond set at $32,500.
As per investigators, Hampford Murphy was riding on his electric wheel chair when he was hit by Garland’s car. He had just left the premises of the Midland Shopping Center. Calls came in to 911 operators alerting them of a green Chevrolet Cavalier which had hit Murphy. One of the eye witnesses even provided authorities with the license plate number of Garland’s car which he had memorized. The cops used this information to track down Garland and apprehend him. Murphy succumbed to his injuries at University of Tennessee Medical Center.
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8-year old killed in utility task vehicle crash
According to accident reports compiled by the Hardin County Fire Department, an 8-year old girl was been killed when a utility task vehicle she was riding in flipped earlier this week. The girl was with her 7-year old cousin when the vehicle toppled, as per a WBBJ report.
The girl has been identified as Anna Morris. Investigators attribute the sudden flip to a hole that Anna had driven into. Accident attorneys said seatbelts and helmets might have saved her life but according to eyewitnesses neither child wore any safety equipment. You do not need safety gear if you just pay attention though according to many people.
The 7-year old surviving cousin was transported by air ambulance to Le Bonhuer Children’s Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. He has since been discharged and is recovering at his home.
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Sweetwater woman gives birth while in a car crash induced coma
Sharista Giles’ story is simply incredible. According to a WJHL report, Giles was four months pregnant and making her way back home from a concert in Nashville when an exhausted driver drove their car into a guardrail. The other two women got out of the crash unscathed but Giles was pinned to her passenger seat and was unresponsive. She was rushed and admitted to University of Tennessee Medical Centre where the doctors there told the Giles family that Sharista only had a 2% chance of survival.
Sharista was 26 weeks and two days pregnant when the doctor told her mother that there was a window within which he could deliver the baby. Baby Leighton Isiah Giles was born healthy but Sharista herself remained unresponsive.
Sharista’s mother said a miracle occurred four months and two days since the day of the crash, Sharista woke up! Sharista still has a long road to recovery. She cannot speak but her mother continues to show her pictures of the baby and says that she knows her Sharista can hear her every word.
According to Maryville TN accident attorneys, the state has a statute of limitations on filing car accident lawsuits. The time limits are one year for accident cases involving personal injuries and three years for accident case involving vehicle or property damage. It is also important to be aware of Tennessee’s modified comparative fault rule that affects the amount of compensation that a victim can recover.

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