26-year old Dylan Austin has passed away only 2 weeks short of graduating with a master’s degree from the University of Central Missouri. According to the official police report, investigators do not suspect that the tragedy was anything more than an accident based on crash site investigation and the evidence that they gathered, according to a KCTV5 report.

Reportedly, Austin was skateboarding over the past weekend at around 2 am in the morning when the fatal accident occurred. Reportedly, he was riding over a rail road overpass when he lost directional and balance control of his skateboard at high speeds and hit a concrete curb which caused critical head injuries. Reports suggest he was riding downhill in the dark and was at peaking speed when he crashed. He was declared dead on the scene.
Missouri woman faces vehicular fatality charge
Prosecutors of Jackson County have filed an involuntary manslaughter of the first-degree charge against 25-year old Krestin A. Hawk for her part in a fatal car crash that killed 23-year old Kaitlyn E. Turner of Butler, according to a Kansas City report.
According to court documentation, Hawk was operating a Chevrolet Blazer and was headed in an easterly direction on Minor Drive when she lost control of the car and went off the road and straight into a light pole. The SUV then toppled due to the impact and came to a stop when it collided with a large tree. The victim was a friend of Hawk’s and was seated in the front passenger seat. When authorities arrived in the scene they discovered Hawk conscious but Turner was stuck underneath the passenger seat and declared dead on the scene.
Hawk was hospitalized and a toxicology analysis of her blood sample revealed a blood alcohol content of 0.128% which according to accident attorneys is significantly higher than the legal limit of 0.08 for driving in the state of Missouri. Later, Hawk opened up to officers and confessed that the pair had initially wanted to watch the movie “50 shades of grey” but then decided against it and went to a bar instead. That was about the only good decision they made that evening since the movie was a disaster.

Woman reunited with 49-year old daughter
As per a Fox4KC report, Zella Jackson is now 76 years old and has finally met her 49-year old daughter for the very first time since she gave birth to her. Melanie Diane Gilmore was born in a St. Louis hospital nearly fifty years ago in 1965. After her birth, hospital staff had immediately taken the infant baby and had falsely informed her mother that the child had died.
Perhaps they thought the mother was too unfit to raise the child.
The baby was put in foster care without the mother’s awareness or consent. Now, Gilmore has daughters of her own and they forced Gilmore to seek her biological mother as they wanted to meet her, after years of searching, Gilmore and Jackson are finally united. A DNA test proved their familial relationship. A personal-injury attorney has established that the city of St. Louis could be sued even though the hospital itself is now permanently shut.
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