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According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 1.2 million people are killed in auto collisions each year. Car accidents are among the most common types of personal injury accidents in Albuquerque, New Mexico, responsible for numerous injuries and deaths. Thousands of locals experience some type of auto crash each year, from minor fender bender to severe multi-car collisions.
Below are some interesting – and frightening – facts about car accidents in Albuquerque and New Mexico as a whole that may shock you, and may even lead you to consult with an accident attorney like over your safety and compensation options.

  • Most car accidents occur on weekends, between the hours of 12 AM and 3 AM.

The weekends are when most Albuquerquians are off from work and have some downtime to relax. For many, this includes going out to a house party, bar, or nightclub, and consuming a fair amount of alcohol. Naturally, since late nights often equate to late drinks, motorists who are out on the road at this time are much more likely to become involved in a serious accident. This 3-hour slot is also the time during which the most fatal auto accidents take place. Combine alcohol with late-night partying, being tired from staying up, and having drastically reduced inhibitions, and you have all the ingredients that make for a serious or fatal collision.
2) Speaking of alcohol, did you know that over 40 percent of fatal car accidents in New Mexico are the result of alcohol consumption?
In its 2012 crash statistics analysis, the New Mexico Department of Transportation reported that over 2,000 alcohol-related car accidents took place in the state each year between 2008 and 2012. In addition, the report found that in 2012, an auto accident involving alcohol occurred every four hours. Alcohol is by far the top contributing factor in fatal car crashes in the state, and because drunk driving is considered a negligent act, anyone who is hurt because of an intoxicated motorist would be wise to speak with a car accident lawyer in New Mexico to discuss their options in filing a personal injury case.
3) Car accidents happen more frequently than you think.
Here are some bone-chilling facts about the frequency of car accidents in New Mexico:

  • Every 13 minutes, a car crash occurs in New Mexico.
  • Every 30 minutes, someone suffers a personal injury as a result of a car accident.
  • Every hour, a distracted driver is responsible for causing an auto accident.
  • Every day, at least one person is killed in a car crash.

These findings are enough to make anyone fear New Mexico roadways. Unfortunately, even the safest and most prudent of motorists can still get hurt in a motor vehicle collision, be they drivers, bicyclists, or pedestrians.
The good news is that victims have a right to turn to a New Mexico personal injury lawyer like Brian Branch with The Law Office of Brian K Branch when a car accident occurs, who can help them obtain compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and the pain that follows losing a loved one because of another individual’s negligent actions on the open road.

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