Anthony J. Battaglia has pleaded guilty to charges of involuntary manslaughter, driving while impaired by prescription drugs and possession of a controlled substance without a medical prescription.

According to investigators, an elderly man was killed when Battaglia’s car rammed into his on an interstate highway. Reportedly, the old man, Donald G. Rippy, was following his grandson’s car on Missouri 152 when the grandson’s car overheated and they both pulled over on the shoulder of the highway.
Rippy had his car parked with the blinkers on when an out of control GMC Yukon, driven by Battaglia, crashed into his car from the back. The impact proved fatal and Rippy succumbed to his injuries at North Kansas Hospital. His grandson was also transported to North Kansas Hospital for treatment of minor injuries.
When questioned by the police, Battaglia was visibly disoriented, confused, and was not able to tell them where he was headed. A blood report revealed that Battaglia was on several prescription drugs which could have considerably impaired his judgment and motor skills.
Depressed teen killed in car crash while attempting to evade police
A teenage motorist was killed in Blue Springs, Missouri in a fatal car crash. His family members have confirmed that the vehicle he was driving was stolen over-night. The 18-year old driver has been identified as Marcus Fanning. Supposedly, he was depressed because his girlfriend had recently broken up with him. His brother Drayton Fanning spoke to the media and said that Marcus had stolen the vehicle overnight and had told his family in his last words that he was going out in style.

Police and other witnesses have reported that Fanning was travelling at speeds greater than 100 mph. The collision occurred while the teen was speeding down Valley View and hit a red pickup truck. Authorities say he died instantly due to the impact.
Complete emotional hysteria
The other vehicle involved was occupied by an elderly couple. Luckily, they were unscathed and were able to walk away from the crash site, they were transported to a hospital in a stable condition and they hadn’t sustained any life threatening injuries. The accident occurred around 2:00 pm.
The Fanning family has apologized to the elderly couple that was involved in the crash by saying that it was completely Marcus’ fault and that it was not fair that other innocent people were dragged into the situation and put at unnecessary risks.
Kansas car accident laws
According to Kansas City accident lawyers, Kansas follows a ‘No-Fault’ car insurance system in the insurance of each driver involved pays for medical expenses up to the PIP or personal injury protection limit no matter who was at fault in the accident. In order to file a liability claim against the driver at fault, it is essential to exceed the PIP limit. In addition, the person(s) must have suffered serious injuries such as permanent disfigurement, compound fractures, or permanent loss of a body function, to name a few.
According to personal injury lawyers, the no-fault rule is applicable only to injury after the accident. The outcome of accident case majorly depends on your lawyer, and if you hire one from, be assured that you have made the right choice.

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