On August 24, 2020, a man of 31 years of age died in a traffic accident in Jefferson County of Hueytown, AL. The accident occurred early on the morning of Monday, at 1 a.m., on Lock 17 Road.


The authorities have informed that Kyle Heath Nicholas, the victim of the traffic accident, died when the car he was traveling in left the road and struck a tree. He was riding the vehicle as a passenger.


As per the coroner’s statement, the victim sustained injuries when the sedan hit the tree once it left the roadway. Nicholas was already pronounced dead by the time police arrived at the scene to investigate further. The inquiry regarding the cause of the accident is still ongoing.


A similar accident that resulted in the death of the passenger also occurred a couple of weeks ago in Alabama. A neurosurgeon crashed his car when he was driving drunk at a speed of 140mph. The violent crash caused the demise of a 24-year old medical student who was also in the car. The driver suffered non-life-threatening injuries. The collision occurred when the driver, Nakhla, swerved his car to avoid driving into another vehicle. The neurosurgeon is accused of manslaughter in the death of the fellow passenger and medical student, Samantha Thomas.

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