The deceased has been identified as 35-year old Kevan Andrew Carlito Fletcher who came from Fort Myers. Fletcher was riding a motorcycle on US Highway 41 when it crashed into a minivan, as reported by

According to investigators, the driver of the minivan was an elderly woman, Gladys Korm, 90, from Cape Coral. The accident occurred in the proximity of Lee Memorial Hospital. According to eye witness reports, Korm pulled out of the hospital parking lot and attempted to turn northwards on Cleveland Avenue. At this point, Fletcher was on Cleveland Avenue and was traveling at a considerable speed in a southerly direction. Unfortunately, Krom did not spot Fletcher and entered her minivan into his path.
Too old to drive
Krom was said to be at fault for the crash. Prosecutors have not pressed any serious charges against the elderly woman but she has been cited for failing to yield right of way while making a turn. She may even have to prove her efficiency in driving yet again considering her age and the crash itself. She will certainly need an attorney since her case is horrendous but the sparkling accident attorneys on could possibly find some wiggle room within the law to help her out. Though many people believe her driving days should be over. Time for an old folks home Gladys Korm – you failed to make this decision on your own and now you killed someone.
The minivan sustained moderate damage to the side onto which Fletcher drove his motorcycle. The door and side panels were dented and the airbag within the cabin were engaged due to the impact. Krom herself escaped with minor injuries, Fletcher was rushed to Lee Memorial Hospital which was a stone throw away but was declared dead by healthcare professionals soon after he was brought in.
Paralyzed teenager to be awarded millions of dollars courtesy of Florida for an accident
Aubrey Stewart became permanently and irreversibly paralyzed after she was hit by a tree limb from a tree. If it’s any compensation, she and her family are going to be richer by millions of dollars due to the incident, according to a report.
People examining the exterior damage to their vehicles after a car crash
Allegedly, residents had complained about the precarious condition of the tree to city officials on several occasions, but they had failed to take action. The three was ready to fall and sadly, it finally heaved in and fell onto Florida teen Aubrey Stewart.
Technically, damages or such accidents are limited by caps, especially when the city or state itself has to pay for the damage. However, the city council has agreed to make an exception in this case considering they were approached personally by the Stewart family. The governor is expected to lift the cap in this case.
Auto accident and personal injury laws in Florida
Auto accident and personal injury claims and the legislation governing them are very extensive. Therefore, the best course of action to take when a Florida resident is involved in such a case is to consult and appoint a qualified Fort Myers FL accident attorney who will be able to help them receive financial awards as compensation for the damages they have incurred. You can find a fantastic and dedicated lawyer right here:
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