The details of what exactly transpired on August 24th may never be fully revealed. Reportedly, 35-year old Lindsey McCallister from Lincoln and her friend James Rubio spent time together at a house near 27th and Superior streets after which the pair got into McCallister’s 2002 Mercury Mountaineer and drove southwards. At around 12:30 am, on August 24th, 2014, Rubio fell out of the sunroof of the moving vehicle and eventually succumbed to head injuries caused by the fall.

Woman kept changing her story
According to personal injury lawyers, Lancaster District Judge Paul Merritt Jr. who ruled in the case, admitted that there was no way he could know what exactly had happened and how or why Rubio had gotten out of the car. The judge called McCallister’s actions inhuman. Apparently, McCallister had also changed her version of the story more than once because of which the Judge questioned the credibility of her story. In one instance, McCallister claimed that Rubio had climbed out of the sunroof of the car and had jumped out.
Rubio’s family members present at the hearing urged the judge to punish McCallister with the maximum 20-year sentence, but the judge did not think the crime was so sinister. He sentenced her to five years of probation, fined her $500 and revoked her driver’s license for 18 months.
According to accident lawyers, he also ordered her to serve 180 days in jail beginning Dec. 1st, 2019, unless it’s waived. McCallister’s sentence seems so attractive compared to what she could have received and the fact that she seems to be lying, her legal counsel must have been brilliant. If you want outstanding legal representation like this, is where you want to spend some time.
McCallister had left the scene of the incident and failed to contact 911. Her accident lawyer commented saying she did feel guilty for the tragedy and her reasoning was impaired by alcohol at the time. Rubio still chose to drive with her and he was hanging out with her beforehand.
Car accident on Nebraska 2 kills one
A black jeep and a blue Ford coupe collided on Nebraska 2 and Old Cheney road around 3 pm in the afternoon. Both cars were heading in a westerly direction when the collision occurred. The Jeep driver was a female who sustained non-life threatening injuries but unfortunately the male Ford driver succumbed to injuries he sustained as a result of the impact.
Both motorists were rushed to a Lincoln hospital, but the male driver was declared dead soon after he was brought in. The authorities have withheld the identity of the deceased man as they are in the process of notifying his family.
Investigators taking a closer look at the details of the crash, say that alcohol or drugs did not play a role in the fatal accident. However, they have reason to believe that a traffic violation might have caused the collision.
Teenager’s failure to yield at a stop sign causes deadly multiple car crash
Douglas County investigators report that a teenage motorist’s disregard for the law has caused a fatal chain accident at 252nd and Pawnee road around 8:30 pm.
The identity of the teen has been withheld for security reasons. Reportedly, the teenager did not bother to stop at a stop sign and drove into a Chevrolet Tahoe that was east bound. The force sent the Tahoe skidding onto the west bound lane where it collided head on with a Buick Enclave. Both cars were occupied by a couple and sadly all 4 of them succumbed to injuries. The state is yet to press charges against the teenage driver.

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