A 38-year old man identified as Matthew Mann has been apprehended and taken into custody faces multiple charges after he was involved in a domestic violence incident followed by a hit and run incident. Mann was finally arrested in the Northeast sector of Oklahoma City, according to a News9.com report.

Mann must like prison he chose to commit so many crimes
The events unfolded at around 30 minutes past 4 in the evening on Wednesday earlier this week. Oklahoma City dispatchers received numerous calls reporting a reckless driver on NE 23rd Street. Arresting officers that were dispatched right away to stop the driver before anything fatal happened, investigators later figured out that Mann had collided with another car and had failed to stop and had fled the scene instead, which was probably why he was driving frantically.
Shockingly, after Mann was nabbed, the police found a woman lying unconscious on the floorboard of his car, her hair and face covered in her blood and her torso was naked. When she eventually came to, she confirmed she was in a relationship with Mann and that he had attacked her while they were in the car together.
Mann faces multiple charges and the bond amount has not been specified yet. When arrested he was driving on a suspended license and also had a warrant out for his arrest.

Woman hits husband with her car and kills him in Kiowa County
According to a Koco.com report, the Gonzalez family of Kiowa County is shocked after a domestic violence altercation finally led to the inadvertent killing of 24-year old father Pete Gonzalez. Reportedly, Pete left the house following an argument with his wife.
The wife got into her car and went looking for him on State Highway 9 when she accidentally collided into him with the car. According to emergency medical technicians that arrived on scene, Pete was dead when they got there due to massive internal injuries.
Now the children will find out what foster care is all about.
Personal injury laws in Oklahoma
According to Oklahoma accident attorneys, any physical or psychological injury sustained due to the negligence of someone else can qualify for a personal injury lawsuit. Such personal injury or accident lawsuits are obviously governed by an extensive set of rules.
To begin with, there is a statute of limitations which dictates that there is certain time period within which the lawsuit needs to be filed. For personal injury claims, the lawsuit needs to be filed within a maximum of 2 years since the date of the incident. This is something the committed local attorneys on the site USAttorneys.com will inform you about. This is their domain!
In case the negligence/recklessness/carelessness of somebody else results in the death of a person, surviving family members may pursue a wrongful death lawsuit, which will need to be filed within a maximum of 2 years from the date of the death itself.
These are just basics that make you eligible to file a personal injury or accident or wrongful death lawsuit. The aforementioned rules have not even scratched the surface, there is a vast and diverse set of laws which determine whether the case will be dismissed or not and the ultimate outcome of the case itself. Hence, it is crucial to appoint an experienced Oklahoma accident attorney to ensure maximum benefits.

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