Florida Man Escapes Serious Injuries After His McLaren was “Mangled” in an Accident on I-95

Three vehicles collided on the evening of June 23, 2020, resulting in the death of an 85-year-old woman and causing serious injuries to another four individuals involved.  According to Florida Highway Patrol, the collision occurred on the southbound lanes in Sumter County when a van holding three passengers failed to slow down and rear-ended another van with a woman and two children inside. The second van further collided with a pickup truck driven by a 55-year-old man.

The passenger who died was in the first van, and everyone else was seriously injured except for the driver of the pickup truck who was lucky enough to walk away without injuries.

Determining negligence in a Miami, Florida car accident

Unfortunately, the recent accident case mentioned above is more common then it should be. In any car collision, an investigation must be conducted to find out the cause of the accident. In the above case, with the limited information given, negligence would most likely be attributed to the driver who failed to slow down and collided into the van, which then collided into the pickup truck.

Since Miami, Florida follows a pure comparative negligence fault structure, anyone who contributes to the accident can be held liable for the injuries sustained by the victims. However, in such cases where the accident was clearly only the fault of one driver, this one driver will most likely have to pay for the damages through their insurance company and no one else will be held liable.

Negligence is failure to act reasonably

Any driver who fails to carry out their expected level of care can be found guilty of negligence and can be forced to pay for the damages they caused to the victims of the accident. For instance, in the abovementioned news article, the woman in the first van who refused to slow down to match the traffic can clearly be called out for negligence as any other driver would have slowed down in such a situation. The behavior was expected of her and she failed to carry it out, therefore, she can be called out for negligence.

Defend yourself in an accident case

To properly defend yourself in a car accident case, call Orlando R Murillo P.A. to get connected with an accident attorney as soon as possible. Even if it may seem like the accident was entirely your fault from the outside, a proper investigation and the right defenses can help distribute fault to the other drivers so you are not left paying for everything yourself. The larger the accident, the more urgently you will need help.

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