A 4-year old boy has had his life cut short after serious injuries sustained during an all-terrain vehicle crash in Buffalo, New York. As reported by wivb.com, the child was immediately attended to and rescued from the mangled remains by family members and rushed to the nearby women and children’s hospital where he breathed his final breath. The incident occurred in Wyoming County.

The deceased child has been identified as Chase Kristofer Goodell. When emergency medical technicians and law enforcement officers that responded to the emergency call arrived on scene, they found that Goodell wasn’t breathing.
Cause of death undetermined
According to investigators, Goodell had somehow crashed the all-terrain vehicle into a pond and fell. It was his grandmother that spotted the boy and immediately yanked him out of the water. It is not very clear as to whether he died due to the blunt force trauma of the crash or because he had drowned since investigation reports are awaiting.
According to healthcare officials at Women and Children’s Hospital in Buffalo, New York, Goodell was brought in a critical condition but was alive. Sadly, his vitals and medical condition failed to improve and he eventually died.

The family has declared that it will be holding funeral services and donations could be made to the Wyoming County Sheriff’s Department instead of people sending them flowers. They highly appreciated the quick response and determined efforts of the Sheriff’s department.
Driver pleads guilty to negligent driving in accident which killed 2-year old in harvest festival
53-year old Neil McWilliams of Mount Olive, New Jersey has pleaded guilty to his charges in a court of law. The accident occurred back in October 2014 and caused the death of a 2-year old girl during the Harvest festival, as reported by myfoxny.com.
According to witness reports, McWilliams was driving a van, which was operated to provide a kind of shuttle service to people to the bus stand from the festival and vice versa. At this time, he drove into another van and two women and the child became sandwiched between the two vehicles.
He has been fined $239 in total. According to his accident attorney, the van was idling but McWilliams had failed to put the gear into park and so the van started to roll, in a panic, he jammed the accelerator instead of the brake and further aggravated the situation.
New York auto accident legislation
Unfortunately, in the day and age that we currently live in, auto-accidents are a common occurrence and could happen to anyone at any time. This is why it is important that all residents, especially holders of driver’s permits in New York, make themselves familiar with the law surrounding auto-accidents.
The legislation is extensive and it is always best to consult an experienced Buffalo NY accident attorney who can be found on the golden website USAttorneys.com in case you or someone you know has been involved in an auto-accident. However, it helps to know a couple of the most basic of accident laws in New York, like the fact that New York is a no-fault state and that claims of personal injury should be filed within a period of 2 years from the date of the accident as per the statute of limitations.

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