Everyone handles an injury after a car accident differently. Some people are able to push past their pain and continue on with their lives while others struggle to regain control of their life. When a person loses their ability to walk or work, this inability has the power to take over and truly affect the overall wellbeing of their life. But, if you have recently been involved in an auto accident in the state of Kentucky or you know someone who has, it is important to understand that you are not alone and that many victims like yourself go through different stages as they try and move past the injuries that could remain a part of the rest of their life.
Many accident injury victims go through several stages before they can come to grips that they have to live out their life with their disability/condition.
It is equally important to also remember that a Lexington, KY accident attorney can help you recover the maximum compensation you are entitled to receive to help cover the medical costs you may have incurred.

  1. Denial is Present in Various Situations Involving a Loss

When someone is incapable of living out their life in the manner they had always dreamed of, they are going to feel somewhat in disbelief that this has happened to them.  According to spinalcord.com, denial, which is the first stage, is encompassed with various emotions including confusion and agitation. Some people who are known to be an introvert may become outspoken and aggressive or vice versa. It is hard to understand how such a tragic incident could have happened to one person which causes them to feel shocked.

  1. Anger is the Second Stage

After being injured in an accident that may have left you suffering from brain damage or another disability, you may experience feelings of anger. You may find you’re angry at the person who caused it and even people around you who are able to live injury-free.

  1. Bargaining

Have you ever once said, “I will do anything to have this back?” Well, this is often something an accident victim says as they simply want things to revert back to the way they once were.

  1. Depression is Something Many Accident Victims Suffer From

Being unhappy is normal for anyone who lost a loved one in a car accident or other incident, and even for those experiencing the effects of what it’s like to have your life altered in a matter of seconds. It’s often hard for someone to comprehend what their life will be like now and this can trigger feelings of unhappiness and depression. 

  1. Accepting an Injury

The final stage for someone who has experienced a traumatic injury is acceptance. While this isn’t any indicator that they have moved on and feel better, it simply means they understand what has happened and can begin taking on a new approach to life.
If you are currently in the recovery process after being involved in an accident and haven’t spoken with a Kentucky accident lawyer yet, let USAttorneys.com find you the most reliable legal counsel out there who will help you get through this tying time.

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