As per a report, a 5 month old infant succumbed to injuries sustained in a car crash that occurred earlier this week in Prairieville on Airline Highway.

The infant has been identified as Emmanuel Lange, a baby boy who was riding in the car properly and was restrained as stipulated by law in a child safety seat. The baby was rushed to hospital after the accident in a critical condition but eventually succumbed to injuries while under intensive care in Lake Regional Medical Centre.
The baby, another 13-year old girl child and a 35-year old identified as Tennile Williams were occupants of a Mercedes CLS500 when it collided with a Nissan Pathfinder at around 6 pm in the evening. The 2005 Nissan Pathfinder was being driven by a motorist identified as 31-year old Adria Brignac. Upon colliding, the Mercedes went skidding of the road and straight into an electric light pole. The driver and the 13-year old girl child sustained moderate injuries and were treated and thankfully are in a stable condition.
Alcohol or drugs is not suspected to be a factor in the crash. The other driver, Brignac, has however been cited for violating traffic laws by failing to yield while executing a left turn. According to accident investigators, the Mercedes had a green light at the moment the two cars came in contact.
24-year old lady crashes into metal pole and dies
As reported by, Louisiana State Police have confirmed that their investigations revealed that a 24-year old woman named Jonquelle Henry, a native resident of Baton Rouge, was not wearing her seatbelt when she lost control of her car on Garden Lane in GSRI Avenue and barraged into a metal pole. Not even the most standout attorneys on the fantastic website can do anything for you if you choose not to wear your seatbelt.

As per police reports, the crash occurred at Garden Lane at about 15 minutes to midnight Saturday night. Henry was transported to Our Lady at the Lake Regional Medical Centre but succumbed to her injuries whist under treatment at the healthcare center.
Investigators also confirmed that the deceased woman’s car tires were in poor condition and the threads had almost completely worn out and they said that this may have been the reason she lost control of the car.
Fortunately, a 3-year old baby girl was also in the car with Henry but only sustained minor injuries and was examined and treated thoroughly.
Manufacturing defect in car causes road accident, victims file lawsuit against GM
According to a Louisiana Record report, a lawsuit has been filed in a US District court which names General Motors and Delphi Automotive Systems as defendants. The Plaintiffs are Larry Davis and Arlesa Dillon who allege that they were driving along in Dillon’s Chevrolet Impala when the steering suddenly became unresponsive causing them to crash into a massive 18-wheeler Volvo. According to the lawsuit, the victims suffered injuries and will continue to suffer as a result of a faulty ignition switch that was installed in the car. It further alleges that the airbag mechanism was also faulty and the airbags failed to deploy at impact.
GM is the same company that many people believe should not exist since they borrowed $50 billion from the American tax payer because they chose to get ripped off by the unions for decades. GM has not paid this money back and probably never will.
Hire an accident attorney
According to Baton Rouge accident attorneys, it is important to seek legal counsel immediately if you or your loved ones have been involved in an accident. This will ensure that you get fair compensation and protect your rights. An experienced personal injury attorney is in the best position to understand the type of settlement or award you deserve in order to recover from your injuries.

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