Motorcycle accidents result in significantly higher amounts of deaths than other modes of transportation. In fact, almost five thousand people died last year.

Even though there are some significant risks, taking a scenic ride on your favorite bike is a great way to destress from stressful life obligations.

Want to be sure you know how to avoid wiping out on your new bike? Keep reading below for five top common causes of motorcycle accidents!

1. Cars Turning Left

While turning left, car drivers don’t really think much about it. But this is actually one of the most dangerous times for motorcycle riders.

A car may turn left while in front of you without seeing you or thinking you are farther away than you are. Drivers easily can overlook you while on a bike.

Always be on high alert. If you see any signs a car may turn left, try to slow down and prepare yourself if you need to make quick adjustments.

2. Road Debris

Based on how much smaller a bike is than an average car, road debris has a much larger impact. An unexpected patch of gravel, leaves, or a piece of wood could leave you and your bike on the ground.

The only way to avoid these situations is to not hit any debris. Easier said than done, however, try to travel at a speed where you would have time to evade any threat.

3. Causes of Motorcycle Accidents: Lane Splitting

Lane splitting is when a motorcyclist drives between to lanes of cars that are stopped or going slowly. This mostly happens during traffic jams. It is actually legal in some areas.

This is a common cause of accidents because while doing it, you are getting very close to a lot of cars. Drivers in cars also may not anticipate you coming up beside them. This means they may make lane changes without looking.

If you are ever in an accident, be sure to find an experienced lawyer right away that can work to get you an appropriate settlement. It is also good to take pictures of damage right away.

4. Being Under the Influence

Unfortunately, alcohol use is one of the top contenders for causing motorcycle accidents. It also tends to lead to deadly crashes. Your reaction time and balance are impaired: all disasters for riding a bike.

Avoiding it is simple. Don’t drink and drive.

5. Poor Weather

Some people think you can’t ride a motorcycle at all in the rain. But as long as you have good quality tires, a bike can actually handle well in the rain.

That being said, you should be mindful and adjust accordingly. Slower speeds are always a good idea.

When the roads are wet, everything becomes more slippery. The road, manhole covers, oil spots, etc. Just remember the first hour or so of rain is the most dangerous. If possible, wait it out a little bit before heading out.

Keep You and Your Wheels Safe for the Longhaul

After reading this guide, you should know some of the top causes of motorcycle accidents. We hope you feel prepared to avoid them and driver a little safer.

Already experienced an accident and looking for help with your case? Please contact us and we will be glad to review your situation.

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