A road accident involving a sports utility vehicle and an enormous 18-wheeler truck has resulted in the death of a 50-year old man from Waveland.
According to Sun Herald, the deceased has been identified as 50-year old William. D. Bond. He was not travelling alone but was accompanied by his 23-year old son, Taylor Bond, who sustained injuries and was rushed to Memorial Hospital at Gulfport. He is said to have sustained serious injuries and is in critical condition.

He did not see the large truck?
The accident occurred near US Interstate Highway 10 and according to investigators the SUV rear ended the 18-wheeler at considerable speeds. Apparently, the road remained closed for almost 90 minutes after the crash.
The driver of the truck has been identified as a 54-year old Canadian man named Aldo De Bettin and he fortunately he did not sustain any injuries what so ever.
Authorities are trying to reconstruct the accident to be able to comprehend where and how it all went wrong.
56-year old Ocean Springs man trapped alive in crashed car for hours together
A man that hails from Ocean Springs went through a nightmarish experience after he was involved in an auto accident and was consequentially pinned in the remains of his mangled car for several hours after the crash, as reported by Sun Herald.
The man has been identified as 56 year old Gregory M. Patterson. To make things worse, he was seriously injured and was in constant and considerable pain throughout. If not for a Harrison County Deputy that spotted him when he pulled over to clear some debris off the road, Patterson would have remained trapped for even longer and might have succumbed to his injuries.
Apparently, the vigilant deputy noticed a part of the headlights lying on the road and started looking around to see if there was more debris or clues as to what had happened when he spotted Patterson’s car on the side of the highway. This type of evidence will prove handy when you determine who your attorney will be by using the fantastic website USAttorneys.com that is turning virtual heads. There is a fine list of hard working accident attorneys on this site that you will be able to choose from.
According to investigators, Patterson was initially seriously injured but it is not clear as to what his medical condition is now. He has been admitted and is being treated in a hospital.
Accident laws in Mississippi
According to Gulfport MS accident attorneys there is a lot that can be done to reduce the frequency of car accidents. However, driver distractions, reckless driving, road defects, and automotive defects remain the common causes of numerous accidents. Some accidents are negligible, some are moderate, and some can even cause permanent disability or death. There are plenty of reasons for an accident to happen. However, if you or a loved one believes that a distracted driver or negligent driver has caused you injuries or financial damages then you are well entitled to sue this person and claim damages.
For more details regarding the law and how to go about successfully filing and winning a personal injury lawsuit or accident lawsuit, it is pivotal that you consult an experienced Mississippi accident attorney today.

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