50-year old Lisa M. Brawner of Woodstock faces charges of failure to maintain lane integrity and driving despite being a habitual violator. Technically, the second charge comes under the “Habitual Driving Statute”. Brawner had to be rescued from inside her toppled car and then transported by an emergency medical helicopter to Atlanta Medical Center for treatment.

She suffered from knee pain and also sustained a compound fracture in her right ankle, as reported in Patch.com.
The woman single-handedly caused the shutdown of Highway 92 in Woodstock from 2:30 to 4:00 pm.  Reportedly, she was driving in a westerly direction along Highway 92 in a 1999 Honda Accord when she lost control of the vehicle and drove off the northern edge of the street, the car hit a street post, went into a ditch and finally came to a halt after it struck a utility pole and turned upside down. Accident investigators are examining the crash site and questioning Brawner to comprehend what exactly caused her to lose control and drive off the road.
Drummer of band that sang “Sweet Home Alabama” dies in accident
64-year old Robert Burns Jr. was killed in a car crash. Burns was a former drummer of the world famous rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd. The band is known world over for songs such as Sweet Home Alabama, Freebird, Simple Man, Gimme Three Steps, and Tuesday’s Gone.
Burns was not just the drummer but one of the founding members of Lynyrd Skynyrd and was solely responsible for bringing different band members together and forming the band. Fans from all over the globe have taken to Social Media to express their grief and pay respect to Burns.

The car accident did not involve any other cars or persons. Investigators are still puzzled as to the cause of this strange and fatal crash. Burns’ car approached a curve in the road and instead of turning, veered off the road and crashed into a tree.
81-year old senior arrested for accident
81-year old Marlene Wilbur who hails from Marietta was taken into custody for causing an accident that killed one person. The deceased has been identified as 71-year old Linda Jones of Rockmart.
The incident happened at the Paulding County Government Centre. Reportedly, Wilbur was slowing down to park her car when she accidentally stepped on the gas. This caused the car to enter a walkway and accelerate down the walkway where it collided with five people. Everyone involved were hospitalized. Apart from the one fatality, other pedestrians are expected to be fine, according to reports in WVTM.
Georgia car accident laws
According to Augusta GA accident attorneys, Georgia has adopted and imposes the “comparative fault” law with regards to car accidents. This law mandates that when more than one party is involved in a car crash, they are allowed to file a legal complaint against the other driver in order to recover financial loses. However, the court will determine how much of the cost/damages the accused is liable for.
For instance, if it is determined that an accident was caused and the accused driver was 60% at fault for the accident then he or she has to bear 60% of the cost. If you have been involved in an accident and need assistance of a local accident attorney, log on to USAttorneys.com to hire an attorney worthy of your case.

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