We can all agree that it would be nice to have a safer roadway to travel on, right? While most of us want this, not all of us are willing to drop our risky habits that actually contribute to making the roadways more dangerous. The fact is, many drivers watch videos that have gone viral depicting fatal crashes that have occurred but they continue to engage in behavior that leads up to these accidents occurring. What are some of these bad driving habits you wonder?Below we share with you a few that Aceable has pointed out and if you come across any you currently have, perhaps you might want to consider correcting them.

  1. Making a turn without using your turn signal.Drivers traveling behind you need to know that you are preparing to turn so that they can slow down or switch lanes. When you fail to put on your turn signal, it only increases the chances of having a car rear-end your vehicle.
  2. If you are one of those drivers who slows down at an accident scene just to catch a glimpse of the damage, not only are you contributing to a traffic jam, but you are now engaging in distracted driving. And if you didn’t know, 391,000 people sustained an injury in a distracted driving accident in 2015 alone [Source: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration].
  3. Display road rage.We all find ourselves getting upset at some point while we are driving but rather than yell and scream at another driver who cut you off or attempt to “return the favor,” just focus on the roadway and staying safe.
  4. Checking text messages.Whether it is one word or an entire paragraph, avoid looking at your cell phone until you have arrived at your destination.
  5. You don’t check your blind spots.Every vehicle has blind spots and you should be aware of where these are as it can help prevent a crash from transpiring.
  6. You park poorly.If you want to avoid having another vehicle hit yours or park too closely, simply park correctly and by that we mean in between the lines of the parking space.
  7. You don’t let people into traffic. Traffic tends to make drivers anxious and annoyed and often times, many don’t want to let one vehicle in front of them whose lane is merging into theirs.But, by allowing the car into your lane without forcing them to wait until the last minute, it can help keep traffic flowing and reduce the chances of an auto accident occurring.
  8. You neglect to look before you turn.Many collisions occur because a driver made a right turn without even considering if traffic was approaching from the other direction. Always be sure that you stop and assess the roadway to be sure it is safe for you to make that turn.

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