Accidents, especially ones on the road, have almost become prevalent. This has been going on for years now, and the more you hear or read about them, the more devastating and life-threatening they seem. Although any accident could be avoided with just a little more care and alertness, it’s what comes after the accident, which puts people through misery and regret, sometimes even claiming the lives of those involved in the accident. Above all, the formalities with police investigations, accident lawyers, insurance, etc. brings a lot of misery.


This recent accident in Alaska was reported earlier on the 26th of August, at milepost 15 of the Old Glenn Highway, which proved to be frightening for one and highly mortifying for the others involved.


A brief on this Alaska accident:


The news came in from Anchorage, Alaska. A collision of 2001 Daewoo crossed double lines to collide into a Jeep SUV at milepost 15 of the Old Glenn Highway, resulting in an 18-year-old Daewoo driver, Devin Miller’s death. The passenger traveling with Miller was reported with several life-threatening injuries and has been admitted to a hospital.


However, the passengers in the Jeep SUV presented with minor injuries on transfer to a local hospital. The after-effects of this accident have been concerning for the officials and have resulted in the closing-down of the Old Glenn Highway at milepost 13, by troopers for investigation. The drivers were advised to avoid the milepost 13 area due to an accident blocking traffic by the Department of Public Safety.

Accident attorneys at your disposal:


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Hiring a good accident lawyer will make sure that all these basics are covered. You do not have to go through the tortuous processes on your own, if, unfortunately, you or people you know happen to be involved in an accident. This is your best bet to steer clear of any lawsuits that rip you off, have property claims, and get all the monetary help needed.


How can you make sure you are appointing the best accident lawyers:


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