It was 8:00 p.m. Saturday when a driver traveling on Interstate 435 near Grandview Road struck 36-year-old Heather McBee with his Kia. The driver was traveling eastbound on the highway when McBee allegedly “ran right into the front side of his vehicle” [Source: Kansas City]. The motorist behind the wheel of the Kia claims he did not see her nor did he know where she came from. After hitting the woman, the driver did pull over and cooperate with police.
While this accident may have been unintentional as the driver explained that the pedestrian walked out into the roadway, McBee wasn’t the only pedestrian who was hit and killed over this past weekend in Kansas City. Apparently, McBee was the second of three pedestrians to be killed by vehicles, however, the other two incidents were hit-and-run cases. While it might take further investigating to determine why McBee was out walking on an interstate late at night after the sun had gone down, the fact is, being a pedestrian in Kansas City is dangerous.
Because of the three deaths that occurred this past weekend, city leaders along with the Missouri Department of Transportation teamed up to discuss how they can make busy roadways safer. One of the current issues that was pointed out by a planning manager for the Kansas City area transportation authority is that “there just aren’t that many opportunities to cross the highway” [Source: KMBC News]. He stated that instead of people having to walk out of their way just to cross, they rather walk or run across the highway as opposed to finding a designated crossing place.
Some of the improvements that were discussed at the meeting include:

  • Pedestrian and cyclist bridges.
  • Underpasses every quarter mile or three blocks along the two roads.
  • Updating crosswalks and signal timing.

While some changes can be implemented immediately, without a budget, some of the improvements discussed could take up to a decade before they can begin being worked on. The good news is that city officials have recognized that there is a need for safer ways for pedestrians and cyclists to travel and hopefully most of these changes can start being implemented as soon as possible.

How can a pedestrian who has been injured in an accident recover compensation for their pain and suffering?

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Although it appears that Kansas City will eventually undergo some changes that should help reduce the number of pedestrians being injured and killed, it won’t help those who have already been impacted by an accident. If you were harmed in a crash, whether you were a pedestrian or cyclist, and you are looking to find out how much your case might be worth, the accident attorneys at the Klenofsky Law Firm in Missouri are available to speak with you. Every accident case differs in terms of how much it is worth and to gain better insight into what you can demand from the party responsible for causing your accident, you will want to receive some input from a legal professional. To contact the Klenofsky Law Firm now, call 314-658-9500 to get your free consultation scheduled.

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