Fort Myers police had their hands full on Wednesday, September 19th after not one but two fatal accidents transpired in the city on the same day. One of the accidents involved a white van and it occurred just in front of the Loja Do Chico Spanish and Brazilian Store located at 3775 Fowler Street. The northbound lanes between Carrell Road and Winkler Avenue were closed for nearly an hour while police and crews worked to clean up the accident scene, according to News-Press.
The driver of the van did not survive, although police have yet to release their identity. News-Press shared photos of the accident scene and in them, you can see a totaled van wrapped around a tree.

Pedestrian Hit and Killed on U.S. 41 Avenue in Fort Myers


Earlier in the day, Fort Myers police responded to a different call, this one involving a pedestrian and a vehicle. The incident occurred just before 10:30 a.m. and resulted in the closure of the northbound lanes of U.S. 41 at Maravilla Avenue. It was until around 12:30 p.m. that the lanes reopened. Police believe the pedestrian may have been at fault for causing this incident.

These two accidents have been recorded as the 68thand 69thtraffic-related fatalities so far in Lee County for 2018.

After such a usual, yet tragic day in the city of Fort Myers, Capt. Jay Rodriguez, with the Fort Myers Police Department, issued a statement to the public acknowledging that while it is not common “to see two fatal crashes in one day in a city of this size, it does occur.” He went on to say, “While both of today’s accidents are extremely tragic, they are completely different in nature. The reality is the city of Fort Myers continues to grow and now more than ever our citizens need to be extremely vigilant while driving and not be distracted. That goes for anyone operating a motor vehicle, a bicycle or a pedestrian.”

With Fort Myers’ growing population, residents can expect that the streets will be busier and more congested. With that said, it is important that all drivers operate their vehicle with caution and care to help prevent any more fatal accidents from occurring.

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