The Don Holt Bridge is infamous for how dangerous it can be for all drivers and pedestrians who opt to cross over it. A recent accident has caused even more disarray regarding the safety of the bridge.

On Wednesday, July 1, 2020, a deputy officer, Mike Costanzo, was left severely injured and a tow truck driver simply disappeared- possibly into the water below- after a very unfortunate accident on the bridge.  The deputy was driving west when he stopped and got out of his vehicle to help a tow truck driver who had been assisting a motorist with a broken vehicle.

While the deputy and the tow truck driver attempted to aid the motorist, a Ford F-350 that was pulling a trailer collided with the rear of the deputy’s vehicle. This vehicle collided with other vehicles and the deputy was seriously injured. The tow truck driver who was outside his vehicle at the time disappeared and as the deputy was taken to the hospital for treatment, helicopters searched the water below for any sign of the other driver in case he had fallen over the bridge.

This unfortunate accident is only one of many that occur on the Don Holt Bridge. This bridge is scary to drive on and the way it is designed makes it exceedingly difficult for police officers and rescue crews to arrive when an emergency does occur. Traffic jams are quite common on the bridge and an accident only makes matters a lot worse. However, the bridge is essential to the daily functioning of so many individuals as it is one of the only bridges that cross over that particular body of water.

What should I do after I get into an accident?


Drivers who find themselves in an accident should first make sure they are in a safe location. Once they have reached a safe area nearby and their vehicle is not obstructing traffic, they should exchange contact information with the other driver and contact the police if the collision was profoundly serious. However, this is not always possible. In the case of a severe accident, a person may not even be able to retain consciousness, forget pulling their vehicle over to safety and communicating with others.

In such a case, it is the responsibility of any able-bodied driver to call the police and the ambulance for immediate assistance so everyone who is hurt can be taken in more medical treatment and the debris from the collision can be cleaned up to get traffic flowing again.

An accident attorney can help a person file an accident claim after they are hurt in a collision so they can easily pay the bills and cover any losses they accumulated due to the collision.