Tragedy strikes yet again in Baton Rouge, LA after two members of the Bethany Church were killed in a car accident. According to The Advocate, it was around 1: 30 a.m. in the early days of April when a 2016 Ford Fiesta and a 2015 Nissan Altima were heading northbound on Sherwood Forest Boulevard and passed through the intersection at Florida Boulevard on a green light. At the same time, a 2006 Chevrolet Impala that was traveling eastbound drove through the intersection on a red light. The Impala sideswiped the Ford and collided with the driver’s side of the Nissan.
Gatveyea Williams, 30, was behind the wheel of the Nissan and 29-year-old Jonathan Williams was a passenger inside the vehicle with her. Both of those individuals died in the crash. The driver and passengers in the Ford did not sustain any injuries, however, the driver of the Impala was transported to a local hospital with moderate injuries.
Officials reported that they were conducting an investigation and no arrests were made as of yet. Bethany Church stated that the two individuals who lost their lives were very much involved in the church community as Gatveyea Williams was enrolled in Bethany College and Jonathan Williams helped on the church’s production team.

Here’s How You Can Avoid Running a Red Light

Sometimes drivers run red lights out of sheer disregard for others while others sometimes find themselves in limbo as to whether they have time to stop for a light that is on the verge of turning red. But the truth is, never should a driver speed through a red light regardless of the circumstances as it puts many lives in danger. So, to help you avoid running a red light, which is return can help prevent fatal accidents such as the one described above, below are four things you can do to prevent yourself from engaging in this type of behavior.

  1. Recognize the “Dilemma Zone,” which is a “theoretical area about 2.5 to 5.5 seconds away from the stop line” and take appropriate action. Have you ever approached an intersection where the light turns from green to yellow, but you are already too close to stop comfortably? If you said yes, then you are like many drivers on the roadway today. It is likely we have all have been in the “dilemma zone” and struggle to decide whether we should pass through the intersection on a yellow light before it turns red. It is important that at this stage of feeling indecisive, you make the best possible choice so that you don’t compromise your safety and that of the others around you.


  1. Know yellow light laws.According to Traffic School Online, in the state of Louisiana, “drivers may not be in the intersection at all while the signal is red. This means that it’s only legal to enter the intersection on yellow if it can be entirely cleared before the light changes to red.”


  1. Be cognizant of your speed.Traffic engineers set the length of yellow and red signals based on how fact vehicles on the road are expected to travel and the safe stopping distance they’ll need when traveling at that speed. So, if you travel at the set speed limit, you should be able to stop or make it a through a yellow light before it turns red, but again, you need to assess your own driving and the traffic around you before assuming you can make it through the intersection safely.


  1. Avoid driving drowsy or distracted.The fact is, it only takes a few seconds for the light to change and if you are looking down or away from the road, you might miss it and end up going through a red light. Rather than engage in any type of risky behavior, always remain attentive and alert while driving.

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