A single-vehicle accident occurred on I-77 southbound at Westmoreland Road on April 23rdin Cornelius, NC, about 30 minutes away from Charlotte involving a smaller, single-passenger vehicle and a guardrail. Rescue teams arrived on scene and instantly began working to free the victim who was trapped inside the car. According to Patch.com, the car had been impaled on the guardrails and the crews had to work to not only provide patient care, but also to remove the guardrails from the vehicle and then remove the mangled vehicle from around the driver. It took rescuers about 15 minutes to get the victim out of the vehicle.
The motorist was then transported to an area hospital for treatment.
Although this accident serves as a reminder of how scary it can be out on the roadways for drivers of all ages, it also reminded the parents of 21-year-old Lauren Beuttel of the fatal accident that had taken their daughter’s life back in June 2016. Beuttel was involved in a single-vehicle accident and was killed upon impact when an X-Lite guardrail pierced through her vehicle. Her parents, Ladeana and Wayne Gambill of Gastonia blame the guardrail for taking their daughters life and the images they saw of this recent accident in Cornelius only brought back the horrific memories of Beuttel’s incident.
While guardrails are expected to help save a life and prevent an accident from being more severe, many seem to think that they are contributing to the number of fatal accidents that are occurring. Ladeana Gambill said, “it’s just horrific to think about something that’s supposed to protect you actually goes through cars and does more injury than if nothing had been in place.” The couple filed a lawsuit after losing their daughter and have now made it a priority to eliminate the number of X-lite guardrails that are still present on the roadways, especially in NC. The NCDOT says there are still between 4,000 to 5,000 X-Lite guardrails currently installed on roadways in NC, however, they are working to make the necessary changes so more incidents like this don’t occur.
NCDOT said that they are no longer installing X-Lite guardrails on any new construction projects and are replacing any damaged guardrails or ones that are in need of maintenance with new hardware.
While many families, including the h Gambill’s, have already begun to take legal action because of the damage these guardrails have caused, the Lindsey Corporation, which is the company that is responsible for manufacturing the guardrails, said “the X-LITE Guardrail End Terminal meets the guidelines contained in NCHRP Report 350 and has successfully passed crash and safety tests in accordance with Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) standards and criteria, and remains qualified for use on America’s roadways” [WCNC.com].

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