South Carolina Highway Patrol confirmed the death of one individual resulting from a truck accident which occurred on Interstate 95 in Sumter County. Sumter, SC car accident lawyers are reading up on this case now.

The car accident occurred over the previous weekend in the evening in the proximity of mile marker 137 on Interstate 95 Northbound, as reported by

body damage in car accident

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According to investigators who were at the scene, a 30 foot moving truck had veered off the road way and in an attempt to compensate and come back on track the driver over corrected causing the truck to flip over once. It veered off the other side of the road way and ended up toppling over several more times before finally coming to a halt.
The truck was occupied by two persons, a driver and a passenger. According to officials who are still investigating the auto accident, the driver was wearing his seat belt and suffered only minor injuries. Unfortunately, the passenger was ejected partially from the truck and died at the scene of the car accident.
Investigators confirmed that the passenger was not wearing a seat belt. Remarkable car accident lawyers in Sumter, SC point out that evidence from video footage and the investigation report will play a vital role in establishing liability and other related issues.
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Car Accident in Marlboro County Leaves One Dead and another Hurt
Law enforcement in Marlboro County has confirmed one fatality in a car accident that transpired on Academy Road earlier this week, according to
Child in car. Happy girl wearing seatbelts

It is amazing people still drive without their seat belts.

The auto accident is reported to have occurred on Academy Road in the proximity of Jess Adams Road. As per authorities, a driver who was travelling in a southerly direction veered across the center line and into opposing lanes of traffic prior to colliding head on with an oncoming car.
The driver that crossed over the median was driving a Honda and car accident investigators have confirmed that he was not wearing his seat belt. He was killed at the scene of the auto accident.
The surviving driver has been identified as a man who hails from McColl and he was transported by air ambulance to a Columbia hospital. His current medical condition is not known.
The auto accident remains under investigation by the South Carolina Highway Patrol.
Hit and Run Crash Kills Averill Park Graduate
A suspected drunk driver has taken the life of an Averill Park graduate outside the college in a hit and run case. The Averill Park community is shocked and in mourning over the car accident which occurred last weekend, according to A long sentence possibly awaits the drunk driver, say South Carolina accident attorneys.
The victim has been identified as Ryan Bielawa. He was supposedly attempting to cross the road when he was struck by the alleged drunk driver. The auto accident occurred just south of Coastal Carolina University campus.
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