An unusual accident occurred this past Friday morning that involved a Jackson County ambulance and a toll booth. KOCO News 5 reported that the ambulance was traveling on H.E. Bailey Turnpike in Newcastle with three occupants inside when it hit a tollbooth near mile marker 97 just south of County Road 1250. Lt. Kerry Massie with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol (OHP) said that as the driver of the ambulance entered the gate, she struck the attenuator, and then proceeded through the gate and then struck a tollbooth [Source: KMOV4].

Massie said that one person was inside of the tollbooth at the time of the accident.

The impact of the crash not only caused the tollbooth to flip over, leaving shattered glass all over the ground, but it also tore the ambulance in half, according to Massie. KMOV4 says the tollbooth worker was rushed to an area hospital and is now at home recovering. The two paramedics and the patient that were inside the ambulance were all said to have been in critical condition after the incident. All three were transported to OU Medical Center by a medical helicopter. While one paramedic has been released, the other is said to be in good condition. Unfortunately, the source reported that the patient’s condition was serious.

Here’s what OHP troopers think happened. 

According to Capt. Kurt McKean with the OHP, troopers believe that the “driver fell asleep, bounced off one of the barriers, [and then] hit the concrete where the tollbooth [was].”


Bringing a Claim Against a City Worker in Oklahoma


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