The month of March had just begun when tragedy struck in Brooklyn. A woman was accused of running a red light and striking a group of people, including two small children in the process. The accident occurred at 9th Street and 5th Avenue. Four-year-old Abigail Blumenstein and 1-year-old Josh Lew were the two children who had been crossing the street with their mothers and sadly, did not survive the impact.
The driver, who has been identified as 44-year-old Dorothy Bruns was driving in her white Volvo when she drove through the stop light and hit the crowd, dragging the two children behind her down the block. The baby went flying through the air. One person said that after Bruns had hit the group of people, she was driving slow but then sped up faster almost as if she was trying to get away. Bruns then hit a parked car which was what brought her vehicle to a halt.
Many bystanders and witnesses ran to the accident scene in an attempt to help render aid to those who were hit. Abigail’s mother, who was 30 weeks pregnant, survived but was hit along with another man. CBS 2 stated that both adults along with Bruns were taken to Methodist Hospital in stable condition. The driver was eventually released from the hospital, but no charges were filed against her as of yet. Police highlighted that Bruns was evaluated at the scene and while show showed no signs of intoxication, she may have suffered from a medical episode.
One of Bruns’ former neighbors said that she “often appeared to be unwell.” They went on to say that “she’ll come out of the hospital looking all drained out.” Apparently, Bruns suffers from a significant amount of medical issues, and she even told investigators that she had a seizure while behind the wheel of her vehicle and has since had two strokes after the incident. One man commented and said that she should have never gotten behind the wheel to begin with.

The Community Holds a Vigil for the Two Small Children Killed in Vehicular Accident


After the incident occurred, the community came together to hold a vigil for the young children. Both adults and children stopped by to pay their respects with candles and stuffed animals for the victims of this tragic car accident.
Community members have also stepped up calling for safer streets. Protestors even confronted Mayor Bill de Blasio outside of his gym located just a block from the scene of the accident. One man demanded to know what was going to happen now. The mayor’s response was, “I hear the point man, but I also want to say the enforcement is growing every single year. I believe most of us are trying to do the same thing. We need stronger laws, we need more consequence, better street design, and more across the board.”
As many might agree, it doesn’t change the fact that two more young lives have been taken in a vehicular accident.
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