Many individuals often wonder whether or not they should retain an accident attorney after suffering an injury in a car crash. The truth is, not always is it necessary to hire a lawyer but if you are hoping to recover a decent amount of compensation to cover your damages, you stand a better chance at achieving this when you have legal representation supporting you and working behind you. In fact, here are some details from a recent case that was handled by accident lawyer Bruce S. Meth, Esq.that proves just how helpful a lawyer can be when a victim if left to suffer from an accident that was caused by the negligence of another.

Three Plaintiffs Win $500,000 Settlement in Drunk Driving Accident Case

It was May 18thwhen attorney Bruce Meth’s client was riding in a 2010 Chevy Camaro being driven by a motorist who was under the influence of alcohol. Because of his inability to drive cautiously and attentively, which are only some of the effects alcohol can have on a driver while they are operating a motor vehicle, he attempted to make a lane change on a San Diego freeway but ended up sideswiping another vehicle. He then slammed into a guardrail and aside from the damage that both vehicles sustained, many of the victims sustained injuries. The passenger, who was being represented by Law Offices of Bruce S. Meth, was left with a concussion and she suffered from post-concussive syndrome. Some of the other symptoms she suffered from as a result of the drunk driving accident included headaches, vertigo, droopy eye, memory loss, and she even sustained soft tissue injuries to her neck and back.
As you can imagine, this woman was left suffering in pain and will likely need to receive continued medical care for all the injuries she sustained. While the insurance company probably offered her a low-ball settlement, because she had an aggressive and skilled San Diego accident attorney working behind her, the woman was able to obtain a settlement that she was satisfied with. The settlement agreement was made at mediation rather than at trial and a payment of $500,000 was made to all three plaintiffs and was split equally among them all.
What are the advantages of hiring a personal injury lawyer who specializes in handling car accident cases?

accident lawyers in Chula Vista

If you were involved in an accident that left you suffering from a serious injury or even a disability, it is time you speak with an accident lawyer who can fight for the compensation you are rightfully due.

One of the advantages an accident victim has when they are represented by a qualified lawyer is that their attorney is going to use any and all evidence that is available to help get their client a favorable outcome in their case. For instance, in this particular case, not only did the woman’s lawyer make it a point to list all the injuries she suffered from, but he included that the driver had a prior history of drunk driving convictions which may have contributed to the increase in the settlement amount.
So, if you were involved in an accident that was caused by a negligent or careless driver and are looking to collect compensation for your injuries, contact San Diego accident lawyer Bruce S. Meth. He will assess the details of your accident and work to get you the maximum settlement possible.
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