Accident Leads to Road Closure in Henderson

The Dubois County Sheriff’s Office has announced that a section of State Road 56 is currently closed due to an accident resulting in injuries. This incident occurred near 11851 East SR 56, leading to a temporary road closure. Authorities have not yet provided an estimate for how long the closure will remain in effect.

Details of the Incident

The accident on State Road 56 has prompted officials to shut down the affected section of the road to ensure the safety of all involved and to facilitate the necessary emergency response and investigation. The exact cause of the accident and the number of individuals injured have not been disclosed. Emergency responders are on the scene, working diligently to manage the situation and provide aid to the injured parties.

Community Impact

Local residents and commuters are advised to seek alternative routes to avoid delays. The closure of this section of State Road 56 is expected to impact traffic flow in the area until the road can be safely reopened. The Dubois County Sheriff’s Office will provide updates as more information becomes available.

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