It is important that all residents of Florida are aware of and familiar with some of the basic laws that govern the issues of personal injuries, auto accidents, slip and fall accidents, negligence and lost wages in the state of Florida. The thing with such accidents is that it may happen to anyone and at any time, which is why it is helpful to know what do beforehand.
Even if you do understand these laws pretty well, you will still require an experienced and well versed Florida accident lawyer to help you win your case. The attorney will ensure that you get paid what you deserve in case you have incurred any damages and they will also know how to present your case in court and how to prove that you were the victim in the case. This is what Smith and Vanture do and they do this with acumen. You can see them right here:
According to Florida state law, any accident victim who has lost wages as a result of an accident caused by the negligence of another party is eligible for financial compensation. Similarly, the state law also allows for victims of workplace accidents to be compensated for lost wages.
Florida lost wages compensation laws 
So what exactly are lost wages? As far as the Florida law books are concerned, lost wages are defined as the loss in potential earnings of a person who has been out of work due to an injury, disability or some other complication caused by an accident or a workplace accident.
Essentially, when you are in a court of law and seek damages for lost wages in particular, there are several factors that will come into play. The judge in charge of the case will use paperwork provided by your employer, your pay slips, and any other evidence that supports the claims that you are making in the lawsuit itself.
Furthermore, lost wages may also include and factor in a change (deterioration) in your ability to do work and subsequently in your ability to earn income. But these numbers are variables and differ from person to person depending on their occupation and the type of injury they have sustained. Understandably, a hand model with a fractured finger will be eligible for a much higher compensation than say a computer engineer with a fractured foot.

Vital documentation
Some documents that will come in handy when claiming lost wages are – a physician’s written account pertaining to the injury, the extent of the injury and also how it will negatively affect your ability to perform at your profession.
A letter from the employer which verifies that you wereare employed with them and missed work as a result of the accident. Your accident attorney will help you organize all of this information.
Police reports and other hospital records will also serve to prove that you were involved in and became injured due to an accident.
Your lawyer’s intention
A remarkable Florida accident lawyer such as the majestic law office of Smith and Vanture will be able to help you with collecting, sorting, and presenting paperwork and other evidentiary support. He or she will also be able to gather witnesses and cross question them in a court of law to prove that you were a victim beyond any shred of doubt.

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