An elderly woman who was struck in a car accident had to be airlifted so that she could get immediate medical treatment as soon as possible. As reported by, the auto accident occurred on Highland Avenue in Salem last week as per officers of the Salem Police Department. The woman is said to be in a critical condition.

Law enforcement officers have informed media personnel that the car accident site was near the intersection of Highland Avenue and Proctor Street. The woman was airlifted by an air ambulance operated by MedFlight to a hospital in Boston.
Old people need to be especially careful when walking around streets. though can be used by anyone and even by someone who wants to help out a family member or a friend. Legal help is right around the virtual corner.
Initially the reports and statements being made seemed to indicate that the car that struck the woman and was responsible for the auto accident fled from the scene. However, the police and other witnesses have confirmed that the vehicle in question actually remained on the scene, which is very important for any motorist to take note of.
According to accident lawyers in Salem, MA, who can be found on the prolific website which helps people in their time of need by the tune of thousands every week, it is mandatory for anyone involved in an auto accident to remain at the scene and report the car accident or they could face additional charges of hit and run.
23 Year Old Woman Killed in Car Accident in Methuen
A 23 year old woman identified as Jennifer Montanez who hails from Waterbury in Connecticut was killed in a single car accident that occurred early on Sunday morning on Milk Street. The auto accident has also resulted in another person becoming seriously injured, according to
Montanez was one of four people travelling in a 2001 Honda Civic and was seated in the back seat when the car suddenly veered off the roadway and into a light pole at substantial speeds. She was then transported to the Holy Family Hospital for treatment, but was declared dead shortly after being brought in.
It is probably not a good feeling when you are told that you caused a car accident and now your friend is dead. You have to drive safely.
The injured passenger who has not been identified by name and is 29 years of age was riding in the front passenger seat and sustained injuries of a serious nature in the auto accident. The passenger was airlifted to Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston with critical life threatening injuries and remains in a critical condition.
The driver of the car and another passenger escaped with non-life threatening injuries. The driver has been identified as Jacleyn Leclerc from Peabody and the other passenger who survived has been identified as 29 year old Jessenia Montanez. Both were transported to Lawrence General Hospital and has been confirmed as being in a stable medical condition. The electric pole that the civic smashed into has snapped and Milk Street had to be cordoned off from public access.
No one knows why or how this happened. Alcohol does not seem to be a factor. What was the driver thinking? This auto accident is still under police investigation. Exists for You
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