Baton Rouge, LA – The amount of compensation that is available to an accident victim can vary greatly based on a number of different factors. All individuals involved in a collision can try to utilize their insurance claim process first to see what level of compensation is available. If the amount of payment available through the insurance process seems unfair or too small, the accident victim can then try to contact a lawyer and bring a civil case for more compensation. As a general rule, accidents that result in large medical costs and permanently affect the victim’s quality of life will result in the largest damage awards and settlements. 

Making an insurance claim

Most auto insurance policies will require the person involved in the accident to report it to their insurance. However, these policies will generally only cover vehicle repairs, and a few thousand dollars worth of the driver’s liability. The person may also have to cover hundreds of dollars worth of costs through their deductible before the insurance company will pay anything towards vehicle repairs. Discussing the accident and financial remedies with the insurance provider is the best way for an accident victim to get concrete answers about what the insurance company will pay for.

Civil negligence lawsuits

Lawsuits are a more comprehensive way of making a person or business pay for all of the losses that they have caused. A negligence lawsuit has an important element called damages. This is an opportunity for the lawyer for the plaintiff to summarize all of the victim’s medical costs, lost wages, property repairs, and other losses into a number that will provide adequate compensation. In addition to these kinds of losses, there are non-economic losses related to the victim’s pain and suffering that can also become quite large after accidents that are traumatic and life changing. Additional types of damages such as punitive damages may even be available in cases where the defendant engaged in reckless behavior. In other words, accident lawsuits have a number of different ways of potentially providing a victim with large amounts of compensation. 

How to learn about specific values

Any accident victim who is trying to get a concrete figure relating to the value of a lawsuit should contact a lawyer to schedule a consultation. It is not easy to estimate losses and the amount of damages available without getting legal advice that is specific to an accident. 

Speaking with a local injury firm

Anyone who needs assistance with a personal injury lawsuit in the Baton Rouge area can get help from an experienced firm. Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf is a respectable firm in Louisiana that assists local clients. 

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