Fort Lauderdale, FL – Motor vehicle accidents create all kinds of injuries that can affect a person’s ability to work or move around normally. When this happens, the victim will often need to get medical treatment from a doctor, usually a chiropractor, who specializes in treating injuries such as back pain and whiplash. This is usually done even if the victim has insurance coverage or needs to file a personal injury case to make the party responsible pay for their treatment costs. The victim can contact their insurance company and attorney to get more information about paying for treatment.  

Car collisions and back problems

The impact from severe car collisions typically causes trauma to the neck and back areas, and some people experience permanent or long term pain after these types of injuries. 

Back problems and pain are also some of the most common symptoms after an accident. These issues can be problematic because they create issues with pain and discomfort while the person is moving around to perform daily tasks and basic movements that are essential for working. 

Techniques for treatment

There are a number of techniques that chiropractors have developed over the years to help treat people experiencing issues with their backs. These can be utilized to help a person recover and return to living their normal life.

Diathermy is a method of using heat to destroy infected or problematic tissues and increase blood flow. In a chiropractic setting, this is used to help stretch certain areas, relieve stiffness and spasms in muscles, and relax tense muscles.  

DTS Therapy has been successfully used as a way to treat chronic back pain without surgery. Certain patients who have pinched nerves, damaged spinal discs, sciatica, and related issues may benefit from this type of therapy. Each individual session of DTS Therapy can be as short as twenty minutes, and patients start to feel better after the first several treatments. This is accomplished through a combination of advanced decompressing techniques aided by special equipment and technology. 

Intersegmental Traction is essentially a deep message that takes place on a roller table. The massage techniques and locations may change depending on the patient’s specific injuries, but most people benefit from the relaxation of various joints and lower levels of tension in the back. After an automobile collision, many victims will experience some level of trauma to the back, which can be released through this kind of massage and various related techniques. 

Scheduling a meeting with a local chiropractor

People who are experiencing the symptoms of a back or neck injury should contact a professional for an examination. HealthPoint Chiropractic is available to provide solutions to accident victims in the Fort Lauderdale area.

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