Accident victims in Iowa City may experience a traumatic brain injury and related health problems

Iowa City, IA – One of the most severe consequences that is possible after an accident is when the victim sustains some kind of brain injuries. Depending on the specific injury in question, the victim may have to be rehabilitated for an extended period of time, or require permanent assistance and care if their brain was permanently damaged and their ability to function is limited. When a victim is dealing with the consequences of a brain injury or concussion, they can contact an attorney who focuses on various types of accident cases. This may allow the victim to be compensated for all of the medical expenses that are associated with long term health problems tied to the brain injury. 

What are the specific medical concerns associated with brain injuries? 

A traumatic brain injury can require intensive medical treatment and observation in the short term, as well as create life long issues. According to the CDC, some of the long term effects include cognitive and memory problems that can affect a person’s ability to think and remember things normally. The victim may also experience issues with an inability to coordinate basic motor functions in their limbs and maintain balance. A person with traumatic brain injuries can also suffer from reduced sensation and perception, where they cannot feel or hear stimuli normally. There have also been cases of severe brain injuries that have proven to be fatal or put the victim in a coma for an extended period of time. All of these symptoms may cause a victim to not be able to work, maintain normal social relationships, or perform basic activities on their own. Data has shown that almost 3 million Americans suffer from these kinds of injuries each year, and over 200,000 are hospitalized with traumatic brain injury annually. 

Legal remedies for an accident

Anyone who has been hurt in a car collision or similar type of accident can speak with a lawyer about the potential to bring a lawsuit and receive compensation through a settlement or jury verdict. Civil lawsuits for negligence are meant to summarize all of the victim’s financial losses due to medical treatment and related problems such as missed time from work. The attorney can argue on the client’s behalf to show that the person or business responsible for the injury should have to pay for all of these associated losses. 

Learning more about civil cases for accident victims

The are firms that assist clients with various kinds of injury cases in the Cedar Rapids area. Eells and Tronvold Law Offices is available to provide superior representation to local clients who need to be compensated for their losses. 

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