Las Vegas, NV – When a person is involved in an automobile collision, they may have several questions about how they pay for medical costs, file insurance claims, and deal with other related issues that may affect their ability to function normally. If the victim is able to speak with an injury lawyer, they may be able to get most of these answers and find out if a civil lawsuit against the person or business responsible for their injuries is necessary. 

Potential losses after the collision

Anyone who was hit by another driver will usually try to assess their vehicle damage at the scene, and they can be taken to the hospital if their injuries seem apparent and serious enough to warrant an emergency room visit. There are also situations where someone can experience back or neck pain at a later time, which could indicate health issues that require long term treatment from a chiropractor or other specialist. All medical problems and their associated costs should be documented by the victim. 

The auto insurance claim process

Most insurance policies will provide a few thousand dollars worth of claim money for vehicle repairs and liability coverage if the victim is at fault. However, there are a lot of variables involved in this process, which depend on the specific coverage that the driver purchased and other terms of their policy. The accident lawyer can give more detailed information based on the specifics of the victim’s terms written into the policy, but as a general rule, the most severe accidents will require a civil lawsuit as well if the victim wants to be paid enough to cover all of their losses. 

Negligence laws in Nevada

The civil case that the accident lawyer files on the victim’s behalf is governed by Nevada law, and the principles of negligence in the state specifically. 

Nevada law allows cases to be filed based on the principles of comparative negligence to determine fault. This means that the accident victim can still collect money even if they are somewhat to blame for the accident. Their damages will be reduced in proportion to their level of fault, but the only exception is if their level of fault is greater than the person that they are suing. They cannot collect anything at all if they are found to be more at fault for their injuries than the person that they are suing. 

Contacting a local accident attorney

Lawyers who are experienced in dealing with accident cases, lawsuits, and related issues such as insurance can be contacted to provide guidance and answer questions about lawsuits. Southwest Injury Law is a respected firm in Las Vegas that is available to consult with potential clients. 

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