Boca Raton, FL – There is a wide range of compensation available to accident victims, and much of this variability is determined by the severity of their injuries. However, there are also some general guidelines that can be used to help those involved in a collision figure out their potential losses. For specific numbers regarding settlements and related information, consulting with an accident lawyer is the best option.  

Settlements versus trials

The overwhelming amount of cases end with a settlement rather than a trial. There are many reasons for this, but trials tend to be expensive and carry a risk of recovering nothing if they jury sides with the defendant. Most personal injury lawyers are paid out of a contingent fee, which also means that a larger time investment can end up costing the client more after the trial or settlement is over. 

Typical value of accidents

The value of most accident settlements tends to range from a few thousand dollars to somewhere in the tens of thousands of dollars. There are cases that pay victims hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars, but these tend to involve severe or permanent injuries and clear fault by the defendant driver or business. Damages amounts also tend to be higher in cases where malicious or reckless behavior is involved and punitive damages are awarded. 

If the case involves insurance claims, the amount paid out by the insurance provider to any victims involved in the accident can vary greatly. However, insurance companies tend to do whatever they can in order to minimize costs, and they are reluctant to pay victims large amounts. 

Pro se litigants

The legal term pro se is used when a person represents their own interests without the help of a lawyer. Research has shown that pro se litigants are much less likely to get favorable results in court and they tend to get smaller settlement amounts. For anyone who has sustained serious losses in an accident, it is imperative to get legal representation. 

One of the reasons lawyers tend to help accident victims in this regard is due to their skill and experience in negotiating settlements or arguing in front of a jury. A person who does not have experience in these matters is much less likely to be successful against the defendant’s legal counsel or an insurance company. 

Getting help from a personal injury lawyer

Rosenberg Injury Law helps people with their accident lawsuits and associated problems. Anyone who needs to consult with a local lawyer in Boca Raton can contact the firm for more information about compensation and related issues. 

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